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I translated the majority of the game in italian, but i have problems with the various routes. When i extract the arc files, only himari_love_enco file is extracted and the rest of the "enco" is not present. When i archive the game it works, but when i arrive at the girl's choiche, the background becomes all black. (it's probably a problem of extraction or coding, could you help me? )


Thnx for all. (If you prefer a video, I can also do it)



Original title:  フレラバ ~Friend to Lover~

Title:  Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~

Files:  buriko general interpreter

Programs used; AE vn tools / ARC reader / Ethornell Editor

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After trying to recreate your problem, I never ran into an issue there. It just extracted them normally and I now have them isolated in a folder of their own. I'll edit in the pictures in a few minutes. 

Also Ethornell Editor is for v1 scripts, Fureraba uses v2 so you may run into issues there.(I'll edit in the pictures below)


Here are the extracted arc files for me.


Edit: I think I figured out your issue. You're not clicking "extract all files" but probably clicking "extract selected file(s)".

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Thnx for answer , 


with AE tools, I extracted all of them with "extract all the files", but when I archive them, at the scene of the girl's choice, become completely black and I do not know why. (only with the "data1810" gives me this problem)

When i use the v2 give me an error.


Error with v.2

Extracted Files

Black Screen

Game Version

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25 minutes ago, Naterocks2000 said:

Have you tried unarchiving the archive you made with to see if there was an error in the program? Also, what program (and a link to it please) are you using to repack the files back into an arc file?

AE VN Tools

All Tools (is the old folder of the project, but the tools are the same)

(with v.1 the program gives me any error)

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23 minutes ago, KuroiRaijinSama said:

Thanks a lot, i have tried many combinations with varios programs, without any results.

Sorry to say, but after testing, the files don't work properly because they are password protected. The Arc extractor brute forces the data but when trying to compress back into an archive the data doesn't store properly which is also compounded with the password problem on all the data_arcs. It's protection so people like me and you can't just steal their code and such. Another shame is the only script I have for cracking arc passwords is for older scripts only(Security is stronger on newer releases) and not for newer scripts (It's custom but found the main code on hongfire). Unless you or somebody else can bypass the password, I believe you are out of luck here. I'll keep trying though, I might be able to alter my script enough to bypass it. 


Edit: If you can get the BSE on the arc reader to work, it may remove the encryption. I would try that.

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4 minutes ago, Naterocks2000 said:

Mi spiace dirlo, ma dopo aver provato, i file non funzionano correttamente perché sono protetti da password. La brute dell'estrattore d'arco forza i dati ma, nel tentativo di comprimere di nuovo in un archivio, i dati non vengono archiviati correttamente, il che si aggiunge anche al problema della password su tutti i dati_archi. È protezione, quindi le persone come me e voi non possono semplicemente rubare il loro codice e così via. Un altro peccato è che l'unico script che ho per crackare le password arc è solo per gli script meno recenti (la sicurezza è più forte sulle nuove versioni) e non per gli script più recenti (è custom ma trova il codice principale su hongfire). A meno che tu o qualcun altro non riesca a bypassare la password, credo che tu sia sfortunato qui. Continuerò comunque a provare, potrei essere in grado di modificare il mio script abbastanza da bypassarlo. 


Modifica: se riesci a far funzionare l'ESB sul lettore di archi, potrebbe rimuovere la crittografia. Ci proverei.

I do not think I can bypass the password, it's impossible, :C,just have to rely on you and wait for a positive response and keep asking around.

I will keep all the files and the whole project and in the meantime I will try some other vn, but it is really a pity: C

Thanks for everything, really

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