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So, I somehow managed to get myself out of Muv-Luv Alt long enough to finally watch an episode of the new season. Let's get this topic started, since new -and promising- stuff is going to air massively these following days.
Kill La Kill 01: So far up to the hype I had: it's fucking amazing.
Everything in this screams "who the fuck cares". The OST is god tier, the VAs are great (Damn, Ryuko's voice O_O), backgrounds are good enough to be worth mentioning contrary to 95% of the time, and of course animation is over the top. Although they probably didn't give it their all yet. 
Tons of fun.
That's only the first episode, it has yet to make its proofs, but that's a hell of a good way to start.


Well, now, if you'll excuse me, I still have some MLA awesomess to discover before I go further into all this new anime stuff.

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I have about 10 anime that i'm watching this fall but i was uncertain about Kill la Kill since i can't really understand where it's going or what is it about. If it's worth watching would you be as kind as to explain what goes on kill la kill? At least from the first episode. 

I don't want to overload myself with 20 shows and then some of them end up disappointing me.

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If it's worth watching would you be as kind as to explain what goes on kill la kill? At least from the first episode. 


It's a show that doesn't take itself very seriously. It's all about students in some weird school fighting each others with powers given by their uniforms - see the synopsis for further details. 

Although we can infer there'll be some character drama, the plot probably won't go very far. It's more about tons of fun with some comedy, fanservice, over-the-top animation (and harmony cels), great OST and badass characters shouting their lines.


At least that's the impression I have from the first episode. Can't possibly figure out much about how the characters will be developed yet.

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Kill La Kill was great. You just see it's the same team as Gurren Lagann! Though to honest I felt a little overwhelmed. It's like if Gurren Lagann made your brain explode from awesomeness but Kill La Kill will make your brain melt with its non-stop awesomeness, I felt like there wasn't a single moment to take a breath it just pounded on and on, lol. I've been waiting for this show for what seems like forever.


The best way to describe the show is Sakigake!! Otokojuku combined with Gurren Lagann.

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I've seen the first episode of kyoukai no kanata, reminds a lot of Tsukihime with clans fighting against demons and themselves, also the heroine is loli arcueid with SHIKI's power. And there's also a black haired red-eyed girl from a rich family that seem to have the power to burn things (from the OP).

it seems interesting hope it will be better than the Tsukihime anime there was never a Tsukihime anime.

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Just watched the first episode of Nagi no Asukara

It was something i wasn't expecting. It looked like an anime about sailors or something but the concept looks interesting enough.

The art of the underwater world is really beautiful and it seems this will be some love polygon drama show

Seems like this will be one of the romance anime of 2013's fall. I have high expectations since during summer there was barely any to no romance at all.

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I watched Kill la Kill, Kyoukai no Kanata, and Miss Monochrome so far. Kill la Kill is going to be a ton of fun, but thats all. Kyoukai no Kanata has an interesting premise. I guess Chu2Koi was a glimpse into this fantasy action that KyoAni is attempting. Miss Monochrome's first episode was great humor. At 4 minutes long, I'm sure I'll stick around in the hopes of getting some more of that quick, sharp humor. Still have a couple more shows I'm waiting on. 

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I haven't yet watched anything from fall season as I always wait for anime to finish airing before I watch it because I like to watch the whole anime from one siting if posible. But thouse are anime that I plan to watch:


Kakumeiki Valvrave 2

IS: Infinite Stratos 2

Freezing Vibration


Kill La Kill

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Little Busters!: Refrain

Log Horizon

Nagi no Asukara

Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru


Outbreak Company

White Album 2


I have the bigest expectations for Kakumeiki Valvare 2 and Freezing Vibration as I loved the first seasons of both anime. Also Log Horizon looks very promising as it remainds me of my numer #1 favorite anime.

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Yuusha seems like it's trying very hard to be maou-san.

there's too much fan service though... I don't think the world they live in invented bras yet. all the jiggle all the time, making even the slightest movements look as though a hurricane is brewing in their shirts.


will watch anyways.

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kill la kill looks like what you would get if you gave the guys who did flcl lots and lots of shrooms.

loved it.


Well, they're indeed all from Gainax. And I'm pretty sure Imaishi uses shrooms and other stuff on a regular basis. One does not simply make TTGL and P&SG.

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Log Horizon episode 1

All i see is arguments about how it's a SAO clone. The amount of fanboys is too much to handle.

The concept is interesting and i couldn't compare it to SAO at all, aside from being trapped in a MMORPG everything else is different.

Looks like we're having ourselves another loli heroine who just happens to be extremly adorable. It  looks promising and has its original storyline unlike some people are claiming. I'm interested to see how they continue. It also has the romance tag so i hope to see something between Akatsuki and Shiro.

The art is pretty fair, nothing outstanding.

Badass OP that I was personally not expecting.

Will continue to watch next week.

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^ agreed. well what can we say, lets enjoy it . but this SAO thing is originaly from .hack series. 


VALVRAVE 2 ~~ YEAH cant wait.

I know, when i see arguments like that i just want to facepalm. Just stop saying stuff like "it's a SAO clone" when SAO isn't even an original idea to begin with. I'm just enjoying Log Horizon as a series, not as a comparison.

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Kyoukai no Kanata 01: Not sure KyoAni will find a way. It's definitely sakuga-friendly, but the characters and story seem meh. Will follow because KyoAni and animation porn.


Nagi to Asakura 01: If this was a poor season I'd have kept watching it, because the backgrounds are great and the story could end up being interesting. Sadly there's too much stuff I know I'll watch to try something like that.

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Little Busters ~Refrain~ episode 1

Looks like they'll include Kurugaya's route after all or at least it seems like they're using it to introduce us to Refrain.

Really happy to see Kurugaya's psycho mode, even i got the creeps.

Anxious to see what JC Staff plan on doing with this.


This really is a spoiler, don't read if you haven't completed the VN

I'm guessing they'll use Kurugaya's route to introduce the time loop phenomenom and then they'll continue to the Refrain route where the things between Riki and Rin happen. At least it seems like that'd be a smooth way of including every route and the Refrain chapter, for a full experience.

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Coppelion 01: Definitely convinced. Animation and chara-design are a bit cheap but the backgrounds are amazing. The rythm is rather slow but that serves the sometimes relaxed, sometimes anxious mood. The post-apocalyptic setting and what seems to be done with it hooked me.


Kuroko no Basuke S2 01: Not a lot of basket, thus not a lot to say about this first episode. Should be good anyway, so let's wait.


Hajime no Ippo - Rising 01: Sheer. Awesomeness. Contrary to Kuroko, Ippo starts right away with a great match and a flashback that has been expected for a while.


Log Horizon 01: Well, of course people would compare it to SAO. I guess they only know that one.

I usually am not a fan of all those trapped-in-MMORPG anime, because I don't play them myself and I've had an overdose of high fantasy for the next few years at least.

However, this one seems to put a certain emphasis on comedy which I like a lot. If we can get some cool fights like in SAO, some good characters, and if we DON'T get the crappy character drama that crippled SAO then it'll be good. 


That season starts out really well. I'm not even halfway in what I want to try out and I already know I will follow quite a lot.

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