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Why is no one talking about the Dracuriot leak?

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As for Mangagamer, at least Alicesoft still loyal to them so there wouldn't have the same case as Sekai. I'm not gonna deny that Sengoku announcement was redundant though, because we already have it released from back at 2010 as fan patch.

As for thread title, well I guess it's because most people were already play it (Or watching the Youtube LP) so that they would less case to Sekai's eventual release. Note that there's still some people who've been waiting for this though seeing that the leak was still incomplete according to the team, although seeing that there's still uncertainty in regard of the release from Sekai because of the icebox thing, perhaps sooner or later even the people who decided to waiting would decided to play the leaked patch and after that move on from Dracu Riot even when Sekai finally manage to release it.

PS - As for the announcements number, I would say that Sekai indeed took to much while Nekonyan so far was only have seven announcements. Although Sekai tendency to do KS was surely becoming the burden to them because they have the obligation to fulfill it.

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