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Integrating Flash into the KAG3 Engine

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I'm currently working on translating a mid-2000's eroge that was built on the kirikiri (KAG3) engine. The translation has actually been going well, with almost no problems getting the word wrapping, system file tweaks, and other minor adjustments taken care of, so I'm not in need of assistance for those items. My current problem lies more on the extra curricular side of this project.

Roughly a year after the eroge was released, the creator released several flash minigames associated with the VN as a separate bundle altogether. As such, I thought it would be fun to port them into the main VN, and have them selectable from the main menu. There is some precedent for this, as the game already makes use of .swf files for cutscenes, CG viewing, and the saving menu. Decompiling the .swf files and translating them has been relatively easy, and I've successfully integrated them to the extent that the minigames can be opened and closed within the VN itself.

However, for whatever reason, keystrokes will not register correctly when the .swf is loaded through the VN. Mouse clicking and the general operations of the flash file still work smoothly, but keyboard characters are only recognized if typed a split second after clicking the mouse (otherwise, this leads to the flash file acting like nothing was typed at all). So in order to use the keyboard for progressing through the .swf, I have to rapidly tap my mouse clicker for my typing to register.

The flash file works correctly as a standalone .swf, so I can only assume there's some setting within kirikiri that is causing this issue. It doesn't help that documentation on using flash with the engine is severely lacking, as the developers of the engine only note that keyboard problems with flash may occur. I figured it wouldn't hurt to look for someone with experience in the engine, to see whether this side project to the translation is a pointless endeavor, or feasible with further tweaking.

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Don't they have the source for KAG3 on their git? Maybe their is an option in a config file.I recall comyu using swf... I think it was a separate dll(yes, it uses krflash.dll). Maybe try to look for documentation?


Best of luck, what you're doing sounds pretty awesome! What game might this be?

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From everything I can gather, once .swf compatibility was added to the engine, it was never expanded upon beyond the basic functions. Digging through the system/config files has resulted in no gains either. I'm thinking at this point that if I find a VN running on the kirikiri engine that

A) makes use of flash, and

B) allows fully functional keyboard inputs in said flash,

I'll be able to backtrack how the macros handle the .swf input, and carry that formatting over to my own project. That being said it's difficult to tracks down a VN that fits even the first criteria (both the Fate and Comyu VN's, for example, don't use flash and don't include krflash.dll), let alone the second.

The game I'm working on is Animal Maid! by i-raf-you. I held off on creating a thread since I'm unsure as to the status of obscure fetish VN's, although I do have a progress thread over on ULMF.

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