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Japanese free indie game of the year and some other information

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I somehow stumbled into a site when searching a game.


To my surprise, I found many indie games whose maker later made a name for themselves.

If you check this https://freegame-mugen.jp/total_score_ranking.html

セブンスコート, which is also on VNDB https://vndb.org/v14878, is also the developer of Fata morgana no Yakata

洞窟物語, which is the game cave story (also on steam). The game was ported with Nicalis, the developer of The Binding of Isaac.

There are also the VN true rememberance, ナルキッソス (Narcissu), シルフェイド見聞録, whose maker is also the maker of 片道勇者 (One Way Heroics, on steam).


It seems like a great place to discover hidden gem and talents.

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