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For goodness sake, Batman! I have exams I need to study for >.< Do you know how long it took me to edit out my breathing in between singing lines? Like 5 minutes! Ugh...


As a side note, I wonder who will understand all of the references?



Songs To Visual Novel By

(Yes, That's A Verb)


Featuring hit titles hand-picked by the author of The Geek Clinic


1.     Sharin no Tune-y

An ode to the country of sunflowers.

[Warning]: Any bearers of the “Prohibition From Enjoying Straight-Up Slammin’ Music” caught listening to this song will have their Obligation extended.


2.     Dangan Ron-Carol ~ Christmas at Kibougamine ~

Christmas is a time of peace, though the students at Kibougamine recognize that it’s also a time unsuspecting victims let their guards down.


3.     The Command Seal Of My Heart

Even time itself can’t stop True Love, especially when the King of Knights is involved.


4.     Hymn of Higurashi (A.K.A. Oh God, What The Fuck?)

What is this I don’t even…


5.     Aselia The Songstress: The Blue Spirit Blues

A haunting melody about life on the front lines with only your sword to guide you.


6.     Katawa Showgirl

Disabilities won’t stop these girls from capturing your heart. Don’t let all of the wolf-whistles put you off!


7.     Protagonist’s Poem Medley

It’s hard being a main character. Sometimes you just don’t want to be surrounded by beautiful girls clamouring for your attention.


8.     Little Busters! Lullaby

A soothing number to remind you of the days of your youth, courtesy of the Little Busters! baseball team.


9.     Devil’s Air on the G-String

Usami Haru performs a classical violin piece for your listening pleasure. You can’t see it, but the entire song was recorded in her favourite penguin costume!


10. Remember11 – The Anthem of Infinity

This spirited number will help you discover a side to yourself you never knew existed!










The embarrassment...I can feel it already >.<

Lyrics are on the video's page, if anyone is interested.



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For goodness sake, Batman! I have exams I need to study for >.< Do you know how long it took me to edit out my breathing in between singing lines? Like 5 minutes! Ugh...


As a side note, I wonder who will understand all of the references?



Songs To Visual Novel By

(Yes, That's A Verb)


Featuring hit titles hand-picked by the author of The Geek Clinic


1.     Sharin no Tune-y

An ode to the country of sunflowers.

[Warning]: Any bearers of the “Prohibition From Enjoying Straight-Up Slammin’ Music” caught listening to this song will have their Obligation extended.


2.     Dangan Ron-Carol ~ Christmas at Kibougamine ~

Christmas is a time of peace, though the students at Kibougamine recognize that it’s also a time unsuspecting victims let their guards down.


3.     The Command Seal Of My Heart

Even time itself can’t stop True Love, especially when the King of Knights is involved.


4.     Hymn of Higurashi (A.K.A. Oh God, What The Fuck?)

What is this I don’t even…


5.     Aselia The Songstress: The Blue Spirit Blues

A haunting melody about life on the front lines with only your sword to guide you.


6.     Katawa Showgirl

Disabilities won’t stop these girls from capturing your heart. Don’t let all of the wolf-whistles put you off!


7.     Protagonist’s Poem Medley

It’s hard being a main character. Sometimes you just don’t want to be surrounded by beautiful girls clamouring for your attention.


8.     Little Busters! Lullaby

A soothing number to remind you of the days of your youth, courtesy of the Little Busters! baseball team.


9.     Devil’s Air on the G-String

Usami Haru performs a classical violin piece for your listening pleasure. You can’t see it, but the entire song was recorded in her favourite penguin costume!


10. Remember11 – The Anthem of Infinity

This spirited number will help you discover a side to yourself you never knew existed!










The embarrassment...I can feel it already >.<




Video is private? Noooooooo

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My Childhood


Songs about the games I grew up with


1.An ode to Starfox Adventure

The most emotional piece on this list, about the first video game I played


2.Super Shiny Mario Sunshine

A fast pace song about the wonders of Mario shooting water from his back.


3.A breath of Windwaker: on the great sea

A song about my love for my first and favorite Zelda title. (Actually Sung!)


4.Beyond Under And Overratted

Focusing on how great this game was, this song speaks of the sequel to be.


5.Little Cleaner Bot (Not Roomba)

Cleaning has never been so much fun, the adventures of Chibi robo are focused in this song.


6.Got ya Force

This piece is dedicated to the most underrated game on the Gamecube, Gotcha Force.


7.It's A Mele!

Three, Two, One GO! A fast pace fight song to rouse the spirits of players everywhere.


8.It's an Amazing Island

The Spore before Spore, creativity lies with the creatures and this melody.


9.A very wonderful life

A relaxing song that makes you feel calm and cool and want to grow turnips and get married.



10.Warning: Animals are crossing

This song about living in a town with animals only is very relatable.











Song: https://soundcloud.com/user304712153/a-breath-of-windwaker-on-the

Lyrics in spoiler



Ride in the ocean

Drink a blue potion
Fast pace game motion
What an emotion
Wave your baton
Make it turn dawn
Hook your latch on
Let’s go come on!
Isn’t even his name
But she’s in the game
Now go see the sea
Get on your boat
Get on your boat
Go save the world
Get the pearls
Get the pearls
And Master Sword
Kill the boss
And the other ones too
Learn to play
Learn to play
In two by two
Meet the Ruuto
Meet the Ruuto
Climb the tower of the gods
All that and more
That’s what’s in store
In the legend of ZELDAAAAAA!
Talk to a big tree
Magic soup for free
Sail the High Sea
Fight puppet Ganon
Fire your cannon
Your hammer is too strong
You can’t swim for long
Now learn a new song
I mean Tetra
I mean Tetra
Save Her
Save Her
Then go fix your sword
Then go fix your sword
Fire Ice
Fire ice
And then light arrows too
Go show Ganon
Who’s in charge
Has the Triforce
Has the triforce
But you gotta go
You gotta go
Find some extra parts
Find some extra parts
It may be a pain
It may be a pain
But no pain
no gain
Now lets go
Now let’s go
Beat the game

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The (Source) Wall

  1. Blüdhaven­ BluesA bluesy track to kick off this amalgam of DC superheroes and musical genres.
  2. Rainy Day Wonder WomanA track about Wonder Woman set to the musical styling of Bob Dylan’s rainy day women #12 & 3.
  3. Hey J’onn (J’onzz)  - A ballad about Martian Manhunter in the style of Hey Jude.
  4. Stairway to OaRockin’ tune about the home of the Guardians of the Universe.
  5. "Nuthin' but a 'Green' Thang" - A song about the Green Lantern Corps in parody of Dr. Dre’s and Snoop Dog’s “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang”
  6. The Rogue’s Medley – A medley of classical music in spirit of a variety of famous DC rogues.
  7. Xylplxym is just Myxlplyx Backwards, Baby A love ballad about everyone’s favorite 5-dimensional imp.
  8. Fortunate Red SonCommunist Superman meets Creedence Clearwater Revival
  9. Radio Grundy19th century nursery rhyme set in tune to Queen’s Radio Ga Ga.
  10. Umbrella (ft. the Penguin)Rihanna’s Umbrella with a rap verse by Oswald Cobblepot. 



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Album Name: Because I'm Bored
1. Giveaway Contest - Song about a giveaway contest which its challenges is very exciting.
2. Goodguy Solidbatman -  Song about a very generous guy who gives away many interesting VNs.
3. Nothing to Do Here - About a boy who goes to his friend's house but there's no one at home.
4. Midterm Stress - Fast paced rock song about midterm exams.
5. Study Makes No Difference - Heavy metal song about stressed boy who study all night long but still gets a bad grade.
6. Deadline Is Coming! - Another heavy metal song about a boy who stressed out because a deadline showed up so suddenly.
7. Where are you old-timers - A melancholic song about  a lonely fuwamember because most of his friends haven't showed up at the IRC.
8. I Have no Idea - A song with random lyrics because the creator have no idea. (W/ Paradichlorobenzene tune)
9. Yuri Lewy(-cool) Style!! - Rap song, just like Gangnam Style.
10. Coming Soon! - Song about a boy who can't wait for translated VNs.



I can't make it, busy studying for midterms. :(


Album cover (5min draw.lol):


Edited by Ragnar Matryoshka
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Bizkit- "I really want to win a copy of Steins;Gate" -Doh.

Bringing you his debut album:

Hopes for No Tropes

1. Let's Watch Anime. - The worst feeling. Wanting to get someone into anime and watch it with you, but you end up watching all alone with nobody to talk about it with. A sad song, a cry for help! ;-;

2. Clad in Plot Armor. - Story is really good and just plain epic, then the 'protag' dies and it's epic... And is magically revived... Or the villains all magically don't know how to properly use weaponry. This is a song of frustration with bad writing.

3. Beach Episode. - A peaceful break from any plot. Even in the most serious of stories. A relaxing song.

4. Moe Mondays. - A poppy turn off the relaxing song before it. Admiration of and a dedication to the cutest of the cute.

5. The Back Left Window Seat. - Throne of any MC. The message? Everyone has their place. A role. For heroes and harem kings? The back left desk.

6. The VN Was Better. - A melancholic tune. That feeling of getting to enjoy what you love in a different way, but not without feeling slightly disappointed by it being at all lackluster, if it is. Nobody is at fault, either.

7. Rotoscope? Rotonope. - A somewhat biased song. Punky. Defiant. Non-acceptance of a lazy and uninteresting art choice.

8. Backlog Blues. - Stress. The weight of a hundred shows you've put off and knowing you have no choice but to hold multiple marathons.

9. Natural Born Pilot. - The idea of a training sequence of an actual military member in some mecha is insane. Some kid happened across a robot through some random means and it just so turns out they're a beast. Don't ask questions.

10. Find Out on the Next Episode. - Just when it's getting good, you've got to wait a week. In this case- You loved this album so much, but it's over. Hear more on the next album~

21. (Bonus Track) Lolipalooza. - This track had to be hidden. Found if you wait 21 minutes after having the album play on repeat 21 times without stopping. Guest singers: Every Loli ever. It's seriously too cute to be legal.


So here's the cover stuff and the lyrics to my song. The song is stuck in Youtube processing hell, so it'll be up eventually.













Lyrics: Let's Watch Anime (Based on The Grace by Neverending White Lights)

With anime I've been known to suffer,
I sit and watch but without another.

Would you watch it with me?
It's a simple question, now.
You can do that, surely.
Come on and I'll show you how.

There's a lot to choose, so many to try.
I own them all so there's nothing to buy.

Go on and pick one out,
Anything you pick will do.
They're all amazing, no doubt.
I can't wait to see them with you.

Come watch anime with me, this time it was meant to be
To watch it alone is wrong, so hurry and come along.

I'll... I'll force you to,
We'll watch Clannad.
There's no excuse.
And I'll- I'll force you to!
How about Gurren Lagann?
There's no excuse.

They always say great things come with time,
It's just some filler, come on, don't you whine.

Hey, where are you going?
That's only 10 episodes down.
What do you mean it's boring?
It gets better, I swear.

Come watch anime with me, this time it was meant to be
To watch it alone is wrong, so hurry and come along.

I'll... I'll force you to,
We'll watch Clannad.
There's no excuse.
And I'll- I'll force you to!
How about Gurren Lagann?
There's no excuse.

Alone... I don't wanna watch alone

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An Ode To solidbatman (Or Not).


solidbatman: A generally fairly mellow tune, featuring random "RAGE SECTIONS" to illustrate one of his more jarring traits.


lolibatman: This song turns up the sweetness factor up to diabetes-inducing levels, describing batman's carefree childhood.


flaccidbatman: A slow-jazz arrangement of "solidbatman". Does not have rage sections, indicating a lack of rage-induced erections.


mechabatman: Changing things up, this futuristic tune is oldschool techno: long, repetetive and utterly inhuman.


solidbatmaid: An intentionally clichéd song which uses and overuses every single element you find in a generic anime OP. The anime is a slice-of-life comedy about working at a sandwich shop. Also maid uniforms. Transformations from less awesome maid uniforms to even more ridiculously pimped out ones. Batmaid is also ridiculously dojikko; why she's still employed is unclear.


solidbadman: Why is this even here? Apparently they really do think every single album needs some gangsta rap to work out.


solidbattop: A lo-fi song reminiscent of the british indie scene. Rather mellow, representing a laptop's comparatively low specs.


solidfapman: A slowly intensifying electro house song building to a crescendo with a mellow ending.


zombiebatman: A chilling industrial rock song using only one infinitely modulated voice sample: "brainssss..."


solidcatman: An exercise in turntablism, this song employs every single technique a DJ could possibly torment a vinyl record with. Reminiscent of the sound of cats fighting in a dark alley, somewhere in new york, new york.


Depending on energy I might draw something. Will edit in that case.






A masterpiece.

Edited by Zakamutt
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Instrumental mini-album: I can't believe I'm passing the time in harmony with a PC nearby and some VNs to enjoy!


1. Thoughts of the novel-reading mind: A 33-minute epic instrumental depicting musically some of the most memorable moments of a selection of visual novels. Divided into 5 parts:


I. Fated Encounter (Clannad)

II. Jumpstart Of A Dream (iDOLM@STER)

III. Back to the Future (STEINS;GATE)

IV. School's Final Year (Starswirl Academy)

V. Dead End (School Days)


Filled to the top with tests and upcoming projects in college, so took a little break to post this. I downloaded the beta of Starswirl Academy, and have to say I love it, even if I'm not a MLP fan. Maybe it will seem as a half-assed effort, but meh. Eagerly waiting for the next week.


Inspiration: OreImo, bunch of good VNs I played, and progressive rock and metal.

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Week Five

We are getting ever closer to the end. Congrats to all who sang. You each received 10 bonus points. For those worried that the contest is out of reach, fear not. The contest is no out of reach yet. I assure you. That being said, I am rewarding effort. So give it your all. That said, I might slightly pull a Mario Kart and rubber band some of you that are falling behind. Now then, on to Week Five.


This week, we have a spooktacular challenge. (We like to have fun here, embrace the puns). Your ghostly challenge of the week is as follows:


Write a Halloween fanfiction involving at least 5 characters from any medium, going trick-or-treating. My top 3 fanfictions will each be awarded 10 bonus pointsIf a member of the top 3 ends up being a favorite, they will only earn 5 points. Yeah, totally Mario Karting this for you guys sitting a few points back. 

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It was a dark and stormy Halloween night, our five adventurers Batman, Hachikuji, Kyou (from Clannad), Madoka, and Mare (from Hoshimemo) set out from their respective houses and met up at the corner of Black Street and Solid Avenue. Their goal for the night was to collect as much candy as possible as with all the past years they went trick-or-treating together. The members of their party decided to have a contest and see who could collect the most candy at the end of the night. Although they would all go together to the houses, they decided to try to get more candy at each house by taming the person giving candy.


The first one to arrive at the street corner was Batman as he got there early as the Dark Knight is never late. Second to show up was Kyou, who was in a ghost costume which looked like a tablecloth with just eye holes cut into it. However, a closer look would reveal that this costume allows Kyou to move more freely compared to the standard ghost costume. Next to arrive was Madoka, who was dressed up as a magical girl, the same one that is found in her drawings all the time. Lastly Mare and Hachikuji show up together both dressed as little pumpkins.


When they all arrived at the corner, the first one to speak up was Batman. He said "Why are you all wearing stupid looking costumes?" in his usual rough voice. The first one to respond was Madoka who thought her costume was cute and had worked on it for ages. She quickly started crying due to Batman's mean words. Next up Mare and Hachikuji both look at Batman disgusted and just ignore him. Lastly, Kyou calls Batman an idiot for saying such hurtful words and roundhouse kicks him in the face. Apparently, this was the reason why her costume was shorter than most ghost disguises. WIth that out of the way, they all gathered together and tied up Batman as he was still unconscious from the kick.


When Batman woke up again, he noticed that he had been tied up and was hanging from a local tree on Black Street. What he did not know was that he was being used as bait for kids that would come by and notice him. The others had left a sign underneath him that stated: "Throw candies at Batman and get a prize.". So the kids that went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood did as the sign said as they were hoping for something from their beloved superhero. The rest of the group was hiding in a nearby bush and decided that they would leave him for a while and go trick-or-treating without him.


A few hours later, they all returned and noticed that they all had the same amount of candy and that no one could be declared the winner out of them. When they finally got back to where Batman was, they noticed that he had filled almost ten bags full of candy while still dangling from the tree. Batman quickly shouted to the others: "Thanks to you guys, I managed to collect the most candy for the night.". The others hated to admit it, but he was right, so they decided to do the only thing they could think of. They quickly grabbed some sticks and told some of the kids that were still throwing candy at him that they would get the prize if they close their eyes and hit him as if he was a pinata. So the kids quickly grabbed the sticks from the girls and started closing their eyes and beating Batman.


The beating would continue on for about ten minutes before they gave out all of Batman's candy. After all of this the girls decided that they would just leave him there due to his behavior on Halloween night. In the morning, the top news headline was 'Batman Beaten by Kids'. After this Halloween night, Batman decided never to celebrate Halloween again.

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0_o Poor Batman, though I guess he did deserve it

*Edit*: I always hated rubber banding XD I can't help but notice that even if I were picked as a favorite, if someone not in the top three were picked as a favorite I would end up behind them which seems a little unfair >.>



To The Victor Go The Spoils


            “But Shirou, I don’t understand! Why would anyone give me anything if I wear such a horrific costume?” Queries Saber, clad head to toe in purple robes complete with pointy hat, staff and a huge, green, warty plastic nose. “I can’t even use magic!”

            “Come on Saber, lighten up!” Shirou exclaims, doing up the clasps on his shining, silver greaves. “As I explained earlier, it’s all part of the tradition. Halloween is a time where everyone dresses up as something scary and visits others’ homes in order to be rewarded with candy. And besides, I’m going to enjoy being your knight for once.”

            Grinning from within the helmet concealing his fiery red hair, Shirou stands up to face Saber and splays out his arms. “Well, how do I compare to what you’re used to seeing?” He asks.

            Blushing a little before remembering her indignance, Saber replies by punching him lightly on the shoulder to conceal her hesitation. “If the War were still in progress you’d be a shining beacon for every stray blade nearby. What’s the point of plastic armor that won’t even protect you?” She says clearly, before mumbling. “But it does suit you, you know.”

            Scratching the back of his head, Shirou looks down in embarrassment before laughing. “Still, it’s a shame we could only find you that hideous getup. Trust Rin to own just witch costumes.”

            “That’s a poor excuse for an apology, Shirou, and I still don’t get the point, either.” Saber mutters, looking away and sighing. “If I wanted something good to eat I’d just wait for your cooking.”

            Shirou shakes his head. “You’ve got to learn to have fun with things, Saber. I’m flattered that you enjoy what I make for you but there’s more to life than just everyday meals.” He chuckles, looking at the clock as he continues. “In any case, if we don’t leave now we’re going to be late meeting up with the others. They’re coming all the way from another world for this, you know.”

            Using his own gauntleted hand to gently grasp Saber’s, Shirou begins to hurry out of the house. “W-wait! What’s this about the others?” Saber complains as she’s dragged out the door, flustered and struggling. “Don’t tell me I have to see them wearing this! What will they think of me?!”





“So you said this was called a Hell-Low-Wean costume, right?” Says the Princess, her eyes peering through holes haphazardly cut in a plain cloth sheet. “All of these different cultural practices are fascinating! But…are you sure you’ve got the right idea? I can barely see anything!”

            Looking up from putting the finishing touches on his own outfit, Yuri scratches his chin in thought before explaining. “While I know it’s not something we do here in Terca Lumireis, Shirou gave me a pretty good run-down on the whole thing. All we have to do is dress up in weird stuff and we get free food. It’s pretty simple, really.”

            “Arf!” Adds Repede, the bell hanging from his tail chiming with his every movement. Along with the red plastic nose and fake antlers, his costume has already been completed.

            “That’s the spirit, boy! See, Estelle? Repede’s already rearing to go!” Yuri continues as he dons the red and white hat he had been working on to match the rest of his costume.

            Stamping her foot, Estelle grumbles. “But why do you get such nice, cheery clothes while I’m stuck with this? It’s not fair!”

            Yuri sighs. “If you had started working on this back when we agreed to take part you could have been anything you wanted. I’ve been preparing this for weeks!”

            “But you only told me about it this afternoon, Yuri!” Estelle cries, the cloth around her eyes becoming damp. “The only thing I had time to find was this sheet! You’re terrible!”

            Sensing Estelle’s distress, Repede glares at his master in disdain before strolling over to the Princess’s side and resting his head on her lap, his eyes conveying his deepest apologies for Yuri’s transgression.

            “See? Even your faithful companion agrees with me on this one!” Estelle exclaims, a triumphant note creeping into her voice before she continues in a more sombre tone. “You used to be so nice to me Yuri…”

            Yuri shakes his head, stifling a laugh. “Oh come on, Estelle, it’s not like I’ve ever been that nice to you. Besides, do you really think I would let someone as important as you walk around with a sheet over her head?” He says, pulling a second red and white ensemble out of his pack. “Don’t you think it’s about time you got changed, Mrs Claus? We’re going to be late.”





            “That’s five bags now, Shirou! There’s no way he can claim victory after this!” Saber yells hystericallly over her shoulder, the witch costume now discarded completely in favor of her full set of armor.

            “What?! She has five bags already?! Don’t worry Estelle, I won’t let her beat us!” Exclaims Yuri, his Santa Claus costume looking battered and torn as he runs off after the King of Knights, a mad gleam in his eyes.

            Sighing, with shoulders drooped, the remaining three look on at the disaster taking place before them. “While if anyone was going to do it I know it would be them, I can’t believe they turned Halloween into a contest…” Shirou groans. “I’m just glad they’ve managed to avoid killing anyone so far…”

            “Arruuu…” Repede agrees, the miniature sleigh teetering precariously on his back teeming with bags of candy and the tattered remains of both contestants’ costumes.

            “I concur.” Estelle murmurs. “Though it could have been avoided if Yuri hadn’t started boasting about every little thing. I’m sorry this is how things turned out after you went to the trouble of asking us along.”

            Looking apologetic, Shirou attempts to counter her apology. “No, it’s fine, really. It was Saber that challenged him to make good on his boasting; she can’t stand it when people assume they’re better at something than her.”

            Repede hangs his head, ashamed of his master’s conduct. His own apology radiates from the way he slinks along next to the other two.

            The trio continue to trail their friends as they dash madly from house to house, frightening unsuspecting civilians into handing over all of their candy as they present themselves at each door. “I can say one thing for sure, though,” Estelle says musingly, “Yuri and Saber are a lot scarier now than they ever were in their original costumes…”

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All Hallows' Eve

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche







The doorbell sounded.


At the risk of sounding like a complete scrooge, Halloween is such a tedious, annoying night. It's holiday I begrudgingly observe due to rooting myself in suburbia and to a zealous girlfriend with a propensity for all things Hallmark. She’s a passionate woman; it might be her best quality. She has a fervor about life that makes up for my colorless self. Where she shines, big shadows are cast. Unfortunately, our differing personalities can create a bit of dissonance. I’m often dragged along for the ride – concerts, parties, holidays. You could say I'm not big on fun.


It’s a small price to pay for the devotion and security she gives me, but boy can it be irritating. As exemplified tonight.


I got up from my computer and crossed the basement floor. I was on Trick-or-Treat duty since my girlfriend had a test in an important night class.  That left me to the responsibility of awkwardly doling m&m snack size candies and boxes of nerds. I'm not good with kids. I don’t quite know how to interface with them. All I usually muster is an unnatural smile and a “have a good night, be careful out there.”


I made my way through the basement threshold and up a small set of stairs, grabbing the candy bowl off a table by the front door. I dully rattled the bowl, just to break up the brief moment of pause I took before I clasped the door's handle, gave a slight sigh as if to signify a shift to a more inviting personality, and started to open the door.


What struck me all the sudden was an enveloping sense of dread, the likes of which I had never known. It blanketed every fiber of my being. The suddenness of its onset made just served to compound the terror more. I stopped with the door only slightly ajar. I was suffocating with fear.


It was like someone had flipped a switch and I had awakened unknown to a terrible, pervading undercurrent that had always been there, but was rarely perceived. It was the purest form of terror, the kind that did not induce revulsion, but rather robbed you of your resistance. Accompanying this newfound terror was an urge. An invitation. I knew I was to open this door. The dread left no question. It was absolute. It had to be realized. This was to be inevitability, my life to go out like a horror show.




A dull tone split my ears. It compelled me. Open the door. My throat tightened and my stomach hallowed out. My hair stood in anticipation. I wheezed down what I knew was to be my last few breaths. I obeyed.


What had come to take me were the very personifications of terror. The embodiments thought up and cemented in our camp fire stories, our literature, our movies, and our games to give voice and alleviate our our fears.  Not the fear of what goes bump in the night, but of the implacable. That abyss that awaits all of us. The one seeped into everything we endeavor, everything we commit to – relationships, careers, religion. That intangible motivator that colors our psyches and drives us to the trappings of society. Fear itself, alive:


The Dread God Cthulhu

Darth Nihilus, Lord of Hunger.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown


The Stay Puft Marshmellow Man


With alien unison, etched into the very night, a terrible sound formed:





Once more, I obeyed.

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Key fanboy strikes again
From the first person view of Riki, this is a story of the Little Busters going trick or treating.


Our Halloween


It was the middle of October. Masato, Kengo and I were hanging out in my dorm as usual, when I looked at the calendar.Halloween was coming up in a few days, so I said,”Hey, do you guys have any plans for Halloween?”Just as I finished my sentence I heard a knock at the door.”Come i-“I began when suddenly the door flew open revealing Kyousuke in the doorway.”Hey guys.”He began.”Do you have any plans for Halloween?I was dumbstruck at his timing but Kengo and Masato responded like it was normal.”Naw I’m free this year.”Said Masato.“As am I.”Followed up Kengo.”Great!”Said Kyousuke”I was thinking that we could all go do something together.”“All? You mean the Little busters?”I said. Kyousuke responded”Yeah, what do you think, Riki?”“I think that’s a great Idea!”I said.Then there was silence.“Well”Said Masato.”Well what?”I asked."What are we going to do for Halloween?”Said Kengo.”Why are you asking me, Kyousuke is the one who comes up with the cool ideas!”“Not this time Riki.”Said Kyousuke.“It’s your turn.”I was startled. I didn’t know what we could do.But I began thinking.We could have a party, but we’ve been having a lot of those recently.We already did a test of courage.Then it came to me.“We could all go Trick or Treating!”I said.“Trick or treating, eh?”Said Kyousuke.”That’s a great Idea, Riki!Surely a great way to spend our youth!”“Count me in.”Said Kengo, giving a thumbs up.“Riki, clear some, space I’m going to get my costume ready!”Masato said excitedly.I was glad to hear that everyone was in support of the idea, so I sent some texts to the other members.The first one came back from Kurugaya-san. It read, you’re on boy!.... Huh? The next text came from Komari. That’s a great Idea Riki-kun!!! OvO we get to hang out and get free candy!!! Glad to see she’s so excited. The next text came from Rin. All it said was k. Atleast she approves of it. Then I got a text from Haruka. I can’t wait! I’ll bring the rotten eggs!I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that.Then Kud texted me. Okie-Dokie Riki-kun, I’ve already got my costume ready.Good thing she’s prepared. The last text came from Nishizono-san. It read:Wow I think that that’s a great idea, it has been a while since I’ve went trick or treating but you’re never too old to trick or tre-.The text then ends there abruptly.Then I get another text: at.I’ve decide I’m going to dress up as a vampire, how about you? Then I receive a third text:Sorry for the splitting texts, I accidentally hit the send button early.She always sends long texts, but that’s a good question what was I going to dress up as? First I should see what everyone else is going to be before I decide on my costume.So I turned to Masato to ask him.”Hey Masato, what’s your costume going to be?”Then I looked to see he face covered in a black cowl with two pointed ears, and in perfect English and in a deep voice he said.”I’m Batman.”Well that solved that mystery.Then I decide to wait until tomorrow and ask everyone at breakfast.

The Next day, all the little busters meet at our usual table.“So.”I said”What are you guys going to dress up as?”I asked.Everyone responded eagerly. And at the exact same time.”Batmansaitosamuraizombieialreadytoldyoucatgrimreaperdevil.””One at a time please…"I had to say. Kyousuke began”Saito.”Masato, still wearing his cowl said again in English.”Batman.”Kengo crossed his arms and said.“Samurai.”Komari put down her chopsticks.“A Zombie!”Rin, wearing cat ears said,“A cat.”Then Kud said, holding a scythe.”A grim reaper.”Kurugaya, with devil horns on her head chuckled and said”I’m going to dress up as the devil himself.”Haruka said”I’m going to be a mummy!”Then Nishizono –san looked to me and flashed her fangs… wait, fangs? Ah, I get it its part of her costume! Then what am I going to be?“Then in that case I’ll be a ghost.”That sounds simple enough to make.


Then on Halloween night we all had our costumes ready and we were at the meeting place. I had written up beforehand some routes we could take around the neighborhood. I looked to my friends to see their costumes in full detail. Kyousuke was wearing some sort of tribal mask and his school uniform. Masato looked just like the Dark Knight himself; with the inclusion of his red headband (I have no idea why he kept it on). Kengo was dressed up just like a samurai with a Katana on his belt. Komari had white hair, a (drawn) scar across her face and her uniform looked like it was torn up. Rin had cat ears and a tail on.“Wow those look so realistic how did you make them?“I asked Rin.“I took the design from Lennon and Komari-Chan helped me sow it together.”Kud had a scythe twice the size as her, a black cloak, and a skeleton mask. Kurugaya-san had devil horns, tail and wore mostly red. Haruka was covered in (toilet paper?) bandages, and Nishizono –san had a black dress, vampire fangs and a red belt.”Is everyone ready?”I asked.”Yeah!”responded the rest of the group. We began to walk to the fist house. I went forward and rang the doorbell. *Ding Dong* the door opens. We shout.“Trick or treat!”and we then we all receive a piece of candy and thank the woman at the door telling her to have a happy Halloween. A few houses later.“I guess nobody’s home.”I say looking at the house. The lights are on, but we’ve rang the doorbell several times now.“Or.”Began Haruka looking into her bag for something.“Then just don’t want to give us candy.“She finished, holding some eggs and toilet paper.”What do you have that for?”I said.“Oh, it’s just that sometimes my costume starts to unravel my body and I need to put more on, fire when ready?”“No, no, no.”I said while the others got eggs.“Riki.”Kyousuke said”They violated the agreement.”“What agreement?”“Trick or Treat. They could either: Give us candy, or be pranked.They chose wrong.”Everyone else nods in agreement. Kyousuke hands me an egg.”Come on, you know how to throw.”I took the egg. I looked at the house, it was obvious they were home, there was a car in the driveway. I held my egg up high.“Ready. Aim. Fire!”We tossed our eggs (Haruka tossed some toilet paper too.) Then we ran and watched from a distance, as the angry homeowner ran outside screaming.We all laughed as we ran.This was by far the best Halloween I’ve ever had. We kept running until we were at a completely different neighborhood.After catching our breath we went to the next house.*Ding Dong*“Trick or Treat!”we all shouted, then it happened, the world went fuzzy, then dark.It’s been a while since I’ve fallen asleep like this, that’s all I can think of as I see the startled look on my friends faces.When I woke I was in bed, my costume was off and I was left wearing what was under it. I stood up suddenly.“He’s awake, guys.”Came from Kyousuke at my bedside. Everyone looked like they were having fun, eating, trading and talking about candy.“How long was I out?”I asked. You were only asleep for a few hours, its eleven o’clock now.”“Eleven!”I said loudly.“Shush. We’re having a sleep over.”“Here!? Now!? With the girls?!”I whispered loudly.“It’s ok, It’s ok It would be worse if they were caught in-between dorms at this time at night anyways.”“Riki-kun!”Said Komari in the crowd.”We made sure to get you a piece of candy for each house, while we were out.”Sure enough, my bag was filled to the brim with sweets.”Thanks guys.“I said smiling.“Riki, you know you can always count on us.”Kyousuke says.

Yes I do.

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When preparing for a job, it is of great importance to correctly assess the risks involved in your strategy. Knowing what might go wrong, and how to adapt to such misfortunes, is as important as having a fundamentally good plan of action.


This kind of planning becomes even more important if your partners are unwilling to reason carefully and constructively. In these cases, I've found the best solution is often to just go along with whatever pea-brained scheme you're told, then skillfully pick up the pieces when it falls flat on its face.


Mihama Academy -- 20XX, XX, XX


After completing my morning run, I thought I'd relax for a while in my room. Unfortunately, not long after I had begun reading, the door to my room was violently shoved open.


"Onii-chan Onii-chan Onii-chan!"


An intruder? Could it be an assassin, perhaps? Certainly, there were quite a few people that would want me dead.


I quickly dropped my book and seized the invader in a secure grip from behind. Subject appeared to be female, as evidenced by her rather moderately proportioned chest. She squirmed animatedly in my grip.


"Lemme down, ya big brute! Lemme down!"


Once captured, an aggressor will often feign innocence. Do not let them free unless you are certain that they will be harmless.


"Hey, Onii-chan? If ya really want ta fondle my chest that much, there are better ways, ya know?"


Subject continued squirming, though her vigor had reduced somewhat in intensity. I decided on a fairly simple strategy to determine her identity.


"Hey, haven't I told you I prefer big breasts anyway?"

"Pah! Ya say that, but soon you too will be entranced by th' power of my magnificently flat chest! Just ya wait!"

"...No, I don't know you."

I quickly pin subject to the wall.

"Specify your name and occupation, maggot."

Subject notably tensed her muscles at this point.

"I'm Makina! Ya know me! Let me go, ya sad excuse for a big brother!"

"I'm sorry, but I'm fairly certain you're not her. For one, she's not stupid enough to..."

My voice trails off.

"After some deliberation, I conclude you might be Makina and not an imposter. I will release you after a full body and cavity search."

I proceed to throughly pat her down with one hand at a time, keeping her pinend to the wall with the other.

"Well, aren't ya a bold one. So, when are ya gonna take m'underwear off? 'Cause when you see my delicious, petite ass, you're sure ta go for the big prize. Ya gotta give me time to prepare, right onii-chan?"


I quickly release my grip and step back. Makina turns around, looking rather annoyed.

"Ya know, I was really looking forward ta that part..."


"Anyway, onii-chan! Today, we're going to be <trick or treating>! Aren't ya happy!"


Makina tilts her head in a way that most people would find irresistably cute.

"Onii-chan? Wassamatter, ya still tormented by thoughts of my naked body? I'm telling ya, if you want it ya can have it..."

She looks at me sheepishly. I sigh.

"...What is trick-or-treating, exactly?"

"Well, basically, ya see... We go knock on th'other people's doors, and ask them <"trick or treat?>". Now, if they pick treat, they have ta give us candy. If they don't, we mess them up bad."

Makina flashes an impish grin.

"...I accept the job. How messed up are we talking about here?"

"Well, I have ta say... I don't think there will be any problems. When ya use ya creepy face, ain't nobody could help not ta tremble in fear, ya know?"

"...Understood. Please direct me towards our objectives."

"Right this way, onii-chan!"

I quickly pursued Makina, who had taken off with surprising speed. She seemed to be heading for Amane's room...

"Right. I open tha door, you scream <trick or treat> an' put on ya scary face. Nothin' complicated."


Makina throws open the door.



Amane turns towards me. I put on my scariest face.


...She's actually trembling. Do I really look that scary?

"Fork over the candy on the double or it's goodbye with you, maggot. MOVE!"

Amane jumps on the spot as I yell out my command, then quickly scurries off to the fridge, grabbing some carrots, of all things.

"Ya know, Onii-chan... ya don't have ta take it THAT seriously, ya know?"

Makina shoots an anxious look over at Amane.

Amane walks over warily. I decide to mildly relax my face to better pursue negotiations.

"Hey! Are those carrots? I want sweets! Sweets, damn it! Onii-chan, punish her!"

I sigh. I resume showing my most terrifying expression.

Amane begins slowly backing away from me, eyes downcast. I chew on one of the carrots.

"Certainly. How do you want me to punish her?"

"Well, I guess ya'll just have ta pull down her knickers. Ain't no better way to humiliate a woman..."

Makina's demonic smirk is back again.

"...Are you sure about this?"

"Well, yah. Can't afford ta go easy, ya know? If ya don't give th'goods, ya get the pain. Extortion at it's finest."

"I see..."

I advance toward Amane.

"Sorry. Only following orders."

She stops, seemingly resigned to her soon-to-be-pantsless future. I take another bite of carrot. Damn, she sure got some nice ones...

As I grab Amane's skirt and undergarments, I feel a disturbance in the force.

"Heeeey, what's going o... HEY! EXPLAIN YOURSELF, YUUJI!"

Like a thunderclap, Michiru descends upon the room.

"Now, I'm just pulling down Amane's panties. Nothing to worry about."


Makina appears awed by Michiru's outburst.

"Are you jealous, maybe? I could offer to do the same thing to you."

"...Are you CRAZY?"

"Oh. and by the way. TRICK OR TREAT?"

Michiru jumps.


Huh, seems like she knows about this thing. Maybe she's the one who put the idea in Makina's head in the first place...

"...What is going on here?"

A dignified, reserved voice. This must be Yumiko.

"I'm just pulling down Amane's panties. Nothing to worry about."

I feel the room temperature suddenly sink by several degrees...

Truly, Yumiko is an impressive woman.

Also, Amane's standing incredibly still. She's actually looking.... dreamy? Well, it's a job. No need to think about the details.

I hear the characteristic sound of Yumiko sliding her box cutter open.

"My, what's the noise in here?"

A familiar maidly presence appears at the door.

"Please restrain Yumiko, Sachi."

Damn, Makina's good...

"Yes. Understood."

With smooth movements, Sachi knocks the box cutter out of Yumiko's hand and wrestles her to the floor. I can't help but give her a thumbs up after seeing her exquisite technique, honestly.

"Hey... Aren't you forgetting someone here..."

I ignore some drill-haired bottle-blond girl I don't know.


I also ignore Yumiko.

Alright, might as well go for this then... Right, a firm grip, then a good yank...


I turn around, staring into Makina's eyes. She staggers backward as if hit physically by my glare.

'''...Onii-chan? What's wrong?"

She's got that "what did I do? I'm innocent!" look on.

"Makina, playtime's over. Sachi, you can release Yumiko now.:

"Yes, understood."

I sigh.

"Sorry, felt like playing along with Makina for a while. No hard feelings, right?"


Suddenly, I feel murderous intent behind me. Shit.


I was careless. Honestly, a rookie mistake...




The chair hits me right in the back of the head.


Must've been Michiru. Oh, the perils of ignoring that wretched bottle-blond...


Oh well. Let's hope this whole thing will have been worked out when I come back to...

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A Dramatic Turn of Events


All of the people at 765 Pro were happily decorating their office in time for their annual Halloween party. Azusa took Miurasan and teleported to different places to search for things that gave that spooky vibe they needed. While Yayoi was in charge of preparing food with Iori, Chicchan along with Ritsuko were in charge of planning the entire thing. Things were going perfectly.


When everything was ready, Haruka noticed one thing missing. "Where's Producer-san?", she asked. "Now that I recall, I seem to have forgot about him", Takane replied after a moment. "I told him he was supposed to be here around this time." "That's because Producer-san is still somewhat unreliable.", Chihaya said, annoyed at the situation. "Well, in that case, why don't we go for him and give him a good scare in return?", Kotori proposed. Everyone agreed, so they set foot towards...






...Towards where? "So, where do we go? To his house?" Piyopiyo proposed that she could fly around for a while until she found Producer's house, and with Takanya, draw a map and come back. After what it seemed to be an hour, they came back with the map. So, finally, the set foot towards an objective: give the Producer the scare of his life.


But there, they found something more than Producer's house.


They found the door open, broken and almost torn out of its hinges. No one dared to go inside, until Iori said, "Well, we walked all the way here for nothing or what? Let's go inside at once!".


A minute passed, and she exited, whiter than paper.


"M-m-m-maybe... maybe you... don't w... w... want to g-g-go in for now", voice trembling, teary eyes, shaking like a leaf that's about to fall. Everyone wondered what was the thing she saw that left her like that. After a moment of hesitation, everyone decided to go in. No matter what was inside, they weren't here for nothing.


And they found it.


Producer's house looked like it was ransacked, and everything was on the floor. Even him. Yukipo jumped on him and tried to wake him up.


Of course, he wouldn't wake up. He couldn't.


Yukipo, noticing Producer wasn't moving, started crying. It was a heart-wrenching cry, one that made Iori break down. Everyone was shocked to find Producer in this state. No one dared to think he was, but everyone knew.


He was dead. Dead as rotten fruit.


Hibiki, wanting to see his face for the last time, walked towards the body and turned his head around. Suddenly, the head fell out of its place and rolled right to Yukiho's feet. Both of them fainted inmediately, as the others watched in shock and fear. And then, they heard something that made them freeze in the spot.


One thing was the door closing behind them. The other one was Producer's voice.


"So, you came to see me at last. I was starting to worry if you forgot about me", the voice said. "I never forgot about you, my dear idols. So, never forget about me, because I will be ar---"


Suddenly, a hole in the ceiling appeared as Producer fell right through it.


"Ow, my back! It will take a while before this is fixed. Hey, why do all of you look so happy and sad and angry and---"




I thought about this for a while, but never thought it could take such a grim turn in the middle, so I decided to end it in a very iMA@S-sy way.

I just hope I can get at least World End Economica.

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A loud night.

An oddly boisterous night.

But, no, it is not odd.

A... Halloween night.

And yet... Somehow quiet.

A plain home sits in it's usual place, yet it seems to be moving. Lights. Sounds. People... So many things that make such an ordinary living space seemingly unordinary. Yet, at this time, it's unusual to remain as usual.

Halloween night is here.

5 individuals walk along the plain concrete pathway made a mess by neatly organized and patterned cobwebs making for an unnatural and somewhat humorous sight. Caution tape seals the walkers into a tight hallway (and cleverly off the neat lawn) all the way up to the door of the home in it's cheap yet acceptable costume of it's own.

A knock on the door and a ring of the bell is heard inside, but entirely drowned out outdoors as another track of poorly recorded 'scary atmosphere' plays from a concealed speaker. Graveyards make sounds, right?

But... Something is missing. A certain noise among the chaos that's repeated so often you'd most likely stop hearing it anyhow. I wonder why that is?

The door opens and the homeowner greets our crowd one by one as they drop a handful of assorted simple candies into each and every bag so systematically, even they don't notice the silence. Why so quiet?!

The first guest. A small person with a moustache so ludicrous is must be a fake. So round too, kid must have something tucked into the belly of those silly overalls. He somehow managed to hold up his bag with those mitten like hands and got his candy, proceeding to hop off down the walkway.

Our second guest then approaches the door, also silent. All the man at the door sees is... Green? Green. A young boy... Yet... The eyes of someone much wiser. A boy- no. A man, who has seen many things. Many perils... But what? He takes his candy and turn away. (A... Sword?) Is that- no. It must be fake.

The third guest... What is... Another child. A boy? A girl? The man can't see... Cannot tell... A ghost perhaps? But it's so short and long. Like a dog almost. A bag rests upon it's head. He drops the candy and it walks away... Or did it... (Hover?!) Ah. It's too dark, must be his eyes playing tricks. That's silly, no legs. Ha! Next guest!

A fourth visitor approaches. What now... Is that a... Monkey? Wait... Why is a monkey strange. Haha.. Ha.. None of this is strange, goodness. A kid in a monkey suit. The man hands the kid his candy... Man... He's a strong looking kid. He's huge- aw it's just the suit. Last one!

Number five... Wait... Where... There were five bu-

It's a fairy. A real fairy! Almost. Elf like? Green. Tiny. Tiny! How is she so small?! She's FLYING! Our house owner seems shocked. He should be. Tinkerbell is real, after all. Halloween is a great time for these 'fictional' characters to get some sweets and hang out!

Shame none of them can really speak, or speak much at all...

I mean, come on. Not a single one said trick or treat!



Zero. (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Donkey Kong.


Happy Halloween! (I had to write all of this on my phone :'( )

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