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Steins;Gate Limited Edition Giveaway

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To clarify, if it's in this thread today, it is part of the submission. Zodai, you have a few minutes to eliminate letters or suffer the fury of my mighty subtraction tools. 


Seems I forgot to announce the winner of the bonus points. Congrats to Imationer! 


Also, all subtractions will be logged in case of a dispute. 


And quadruple edit, no, you do not need to eliminate those letters from previous challenges. The restriction is just for this challenge and only applies to this one. 

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Kaguya diary. Day 1.



Cookie gone. Organization made me incapacitated to write an adequate amount.

more evidence needed.


Day 1- End.


Kaguya diary. Day 2.


Continuing wary. Foot mark found near jar.

Fact-finding in motion.


Day 2- End.


Kaguya diary. Day 3.


Foot mark found. Examination done. My foot.

Caution needed.


Day 3- End.


Kaguya diary. Day 4.

I did it.  Dying for exoneration.


Kaguya diary- End

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If you want your cookie returned, give me $1,000,000 in unmarked currency.  Tuck it away in a DVD of Catwoman (2004) and go to room 5 at Karaoke Nation at 7 a.m. Order a Ginza Mary and wait for me to contact you again.


Do not deviate and do not contact 911.


I removed an edge from your cookie to inform you of my intention.

Cookie M.

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