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If you made a light novel, what would the title be?


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"There's No Way Otaku Pandering Can't Be This Bland!"


But on a more serious note, if I was writing a light novel, I would definitely go for a more simple and straightforward title than any of that convoluted sentence crap.

I'd also drop isekai entirely.

And otaku pandering...

And generic archetypes as characters...

And Moe for the sake of Moe...

Really, there was a time when light novels were actually well-written literature before the anime industry poisoned them to become more generic otaku wish fulfillment.


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I'm not quite skilled enough to make LN title, but let's see if I can try based on what I know here.

'I'm reincarnated as goblin and killed repeteadly by Goblin Slayer because I'm abuse orphan in real life' (Crossover with Goblin Slayer)

'I'm a handsome laborer who somehow have a fight with beautiful CEO before finally we love each other, and the next time we know we've become the king and the queen in another country with the GDP at 230 billion dollar'

'Is it wrong if my girlfriend also in love with my school desk and have a polygamy with it?'

Yeah I'm not very good when it came with LN title, but as I can see it's indeed getting longer and most of those were isekai.

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I legit had an idea once for a light novel called "In Another World With My Macaroni!" about a guy who got transported to a fantasy world and became the world's greatest hero by solving all problems with a bowl of macaroni.

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  1. "I reincarnated into another world as a literal god, but I'm still the same useless hikikomori that I used to be, so I'm just using my godly powers to lock myself in a cave and to import manga from my original world".
  2. "I reincarnated as a great wizard's staff, but I have no brain". Ends right after the reincarnation scene because the protagonist quite literally has no brain (he is a staff, you know), so he isn't capable of understanding what exactly is happening around him.
  3. "I reincarnated as a villainess into an otome game, but I decided to pursue my career as tourism manager, and I used my super-duper knowledge from my original world to build planes and a system of railways." The main twist is that the protagonist of the otome game turns out to be the reincarnation of some leader of an extremist organization, and she develops some kind of super-rocket to blow up the villainess' planes. Oh, and the ruffian the villainess picks up from the street and falls in love with is actually the true heir of the royal family.

PS. You know, while it is ridiculous, I realized that I would love to read the last one. :wahaha:

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