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Best Imouto Routes

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Imouto routes I've already done:

Hoshimemo: Chinami.      Good stuff, loved it.

Chrono Clock:                 Good stuff, loved it. 

Everything by Circus:       Hate these games, but the imoutos were always good even if their routes weren't.

Nekopara:                      That poor girl needs her own route.

EF:                                Why is this game so boring. I can't get far in it. I'd like the imouto if she'd quit hitting me.

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I feel like Aselia manages to break all rules of Japanese eroge, considering that there is a non-blood related imouto character who is very important to the story, but actually doesn't have a route. :sacchan:

On topic. Hapymaher has a genuine imouto character, who doesn't have a route, only a bad ending dedicated to her, and an imouto-type character, who has a route and it's pretty okay. I wouldn't really call it good, just okay, but overall it was the best route in this VN imo.

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