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How to convert STCM2L script to text?

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Hello.. :)

A friend of mine extracted SCRIPT .DAT files from COLLAR X MALICE English psvita game. Now, i want to convert it to text files. 

i tried to use hkki (i researched a bit and they said it works with stcm2l header otomate games particularly). But it seems i cant even make it work (since all of the information i got here are from old posts, i get so confuse).  Is there any other way other than hkki? Hope someone could help me.thank you!


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did someone solved it? i really want to learn extract SCRIPT .DAT from Collar X Malice (for Unlimited) but hkki not work (well, it's been long time, i think)

i know need to open STCM2L, but no hope :(

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