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What positions/jobs are their in making a visual novel?

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My name is Jordyn Naulty i like to illustrate i am looking to make my first eroge (18+ visual novel) and don't know where to start that's why i'm looking for wise guidance from my fellow fuwanovel members.

May i get a thoroughly organized detailed list of information on what each position works on/how many people are needed for that job? 

P.S: I apologize if my typing was confusing in anyway some people tend to not understand what i'm saying and it's embarrassing.


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As someone who has romanticized about potentially making a vn(and then promptly doing nothing about) I'd say that you probably need to first think of a concept for your vn. (what's the plot, who are the characters, etc.)

After that you need to think about who'll do the actual writing and storyboarding of your vn. Then you need to think about who will be your editor because every project needs one of those. After that you need a illustrator or illustrators for storyboards, character sprites, cgs, and backgrounds. Then you need a composer to work on the bgm and someone to help with the background sounds. Finally you need a programmer who knows how to use whatever vn engine you plan on using.

Oh and you need someone to think about the budgeting of your vn and whether or not you'll make it commercial or free to play and basically how you'll be paying for the services that you will need in order to make your vn.

You need to start thinking about how many of these tasks you can accomplish by yourself and how many things you can't do by yourself.

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Maybe you can find this little thread helpful? 

Basically, as many as there are needed to create all things listed there and put them together. It will vary wildly depending on the specifics of the project and the skillsets of people involved, but expanding slightly on what Ranzo wrote you'll find 1. Writer, 2. Character/CG artist, 3. Background Artist, 4. GUI Designer, 5. Programmer, 6. Editor, 7. Composer as typical roles in VN development, often with people serving multiple positions in an indie project. In high-budget VNs, on the other hand, you might see multiple people working on every aspect of the game, artists specialized in very specific tasks (ex. colouring), a designated director and a proffessional voice acting cast. 

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