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White Album

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I just finished the anime of White Album which I had avoided for a long time but I was in one of those frames of mind where I wanted to see some drama..now I regret it. Nothing in the anime sat well with me and I really want to know what happens in the VN. I know that many of you guys can even read jp so if any of you by any chance has played White Album can you please tell me what happens in the VN!?
I was frustrated with the anime of WA 2 due to its end as well but I go to play its VN up to the closing chapter and CODA is on its way. 
Is there any chance of WA 1 ever getting an English TL? Looking at how the raw game is not available anywhere, I doubt it but I have to ask! 
Thank you.

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I did think that WA is quite good there seeing that we have Nana Mizuki as the seiyuu for Ogata Rina at PS3 port lol, although like everyone say the second WA here is definitely more well known despite the fact that Setsuna didn't become the famous idol singer at adult compared to Rina of WA. As for the localization chance, considering that almost everyone was more interested with WA2 localization I think the chance is quite small, but then again maybe there'll be some translation project for this if some people did have enough interest for that. Although looking at mediocre score at the anime adaptation at MAL for the anime adaptation of the VN along with the anime did have 26 episodes, probably not many people interested with this.

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