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Santa Hats for Your Avatars, once again

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Merry December! 'Tis the season for everyone to adorn their avatars with Santa hats and forget about them well into February.

How does this work? Well, you either edit a Santa hat from below—or from elsewhere on the Internet—onto your avatar, or you get Fiddle to do it. No, he isn't busy or anything. (He probably is busy or anything.)


So: if you're too lazy to put a Santa hat on your avatar yourself, then ask for one of the ones above, and I'll put it on your avatar in a mere [INSERT TIME HERE DURING REVISION] hours!

Before requesting a Santa hat, make sure:

  • that I haven't already Santified your current avatar during a previous year.
  • that you numerically specify a Santa hat from the list above, or else consign yourself to my artistic taste.
  • that you prepare yourself for the worst if your avatar is not hat-friendly, such as those in which the character's head is largely cut off from view.
  • that animated avatars require a lot of work, and I might not be able to Santify yours.
  • that you are free to make special requests, but with each special request, a kitten dies somewhere.

You probably don't have to worry about saving your original avatars, because I keep them all in a chamber somewhere and ping you when Christmas is over and it's time to switch back. But maybe you should save your original avatar if you don't trust me, and I don't trust me.

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1 hour ago, mitchhamilton said:

oh, i forgot i had this pic as my avatar. sure why not. number 8, please with a large soda and 5 large fries. theyre not for me but my friends. yes. :ph34r:

Another number 8! The madness!


34 minutes ago, Happiness+ said:

@Fiddle, I will let you decide which hat for me senpai.

Number 5 is lonely.


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