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Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect (Now on Kickstarter!)

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Looks like a very interesting story. It almost has a "Umineko Naku Koro ni" vibe here, what with the huge ensemble cast and the rich history of the Gallo family. And you claimed that it's only the first trilogy? Not bad for three and a half years... I have to admit, even if I have said on this forum that I'm not a big mystery buff, the mystery described here does intrigue me, especially when it deals with the mafia. That's something you don't really see in visual novels (then again, I only play JVNs :makina: ).

I can't spare much expense at the moment, but I am interested in seeing this succeed, especially with voice acting involved. I'll be getting some funds mid-December, so I think sparing $100 for the backing shouldn't be an issue. Hope more people take notice of this project! Even if I am willing to fund $100 for this, it will take a lot of $100 for your goals to be met. That said, the VN looks very attractive, so I'm sure you'll gain recognition in no time. :maple:

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Hey LemiusK,

Thanks so much for the support! I need to be completely forthright and honest, however, that at the pace we're accumulating funds, it is looking less and less likely that voice acting will happen this time around. I have been thinking, however, that if the series were to gain traction with the release of the sequels (which, by the way, are even better than this first entry), I could do a crowdfunding campaign to get them all funded for voice acting with some additional material added in, all in one package. It may be a while off, however, and I'm not throwing in the towel on this campaign until the moment it's over (again though, that won't stop us from releasing it).  

As for your Umineko comment, funny enough, it was Higurashi that inspired me to create this series. I loved the fleshed out histories of the town and the people, and so the story for this first trilogy was born of that reading experience. Higurashi and Umineko will always be faves of mine, they were just such amazing experiences. While Crime Opera evolved into a very different type of story, I do believe fans of Ryukishi like yourself will be able to catch glimpses throughout of his work's influence on me, despite our writing styles differing so much.

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