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What Sources Do You Use to Find New VN's?

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I follow the important localisers on twitter so I know everything that is coming out and I know pretty much everything noteworthy that has been officially announced for english since I made. 

As for japanese titles based on things that had an anime I know all the companies releasing these titles and they usually also get covered on animenewsnetwork. 

When I chose which VNs I would pick up when I went to Japan over a year ago I just skimmed through CGs of multiple hundred titles, picked out the ones that seemed interesting and looked at vndb to see the general opinion about the titles, then I decided to pick titles that felt decently different from each other. Atm I am not really planning to go to Japan yet so not sure how I would figure out what to pick, maybe next time I go there I will go with some really popular titles, like White Album 2 and Sakura no Uta since I would likely only pick up a few titles. 





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Follow news on Facebook, mostly. Nowadays I play some recently released games, so it would seem that I keep with the trends, but actually in some games I'm like 1 year behind. Big ones like Miagete Goran and probably Irotoridori no Sekai in the future, I tend to grab them at the first chance.

I have so many games on queue I actually have to make a schedule, however.

Other than that, I'm active in the Fuwa Discord where I find about a lot of games, and I used to follow VNTS until it threw all regularity out of the window.

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Follow word of mouth, I guess. Usually, I'm not aware of a high quality VN 'till years later.  Most of the time, I got my information from Fuwa forum, Steam, VNDB, or anime adaptations of VNs.

Now that I think about it, I can't remember exactly how I first heard of Grisaia no Kajitsu... but it's perhaps through the Fuwa forum as well. It's been a long time. :makina:

Funny thing about 428 Shibuya Scramble. I was first made aware of it through VNDB while I was searching for VNs with many choices, but it wasn't translated, so... being disappointed, I let it go. Then many many years later, I was browsing Steam using a similar tag, "Choices Matter," and then and then, I came across 428. The rest is history. That was just two months after its English release, so it's the fastest "new VN" I've played.

Speaking of VNDB, it's played a key role in me discovering new VNs, especially with its helpful "Tag Search" feature, where you can just browse VNs with certain aspects you want to see (Multiple Routes, Lots of Choices, Modern Japan setting, etc). And you can sort the search results by "highest rating," so all of those popular VNs like Fate/Stay Night and Grisaia are usually found easily through this method.

I've also bookmarked a page on VNDB where I could find the newest English translated releases, so if I'm ever in need of another VN, this shouldn't be a problem from now on.

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5 hours ago, Dergonu said:

This site has a really nice list of all the upcoming releases each month, both for PC and consoles. I tend to use that, as well the social media accounts of my favorite companies.

Ditto on that, pretty handy website. Hope the creator can add some extra filters, a couple months ago I gave the suggestion to make it so we can filter by developer. Would be cool to have the same for specific staff members as it would save having to check each entry one by one.

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I use VNDB, YouTube when I watch the vn ops, sometimes I look at official Twitters, I read VNTS a lot, official English developer sites like Neko Nyan for example, and I am in a VN releases group on Steam, so I can see the upcoming vns, Kickstarters, and new releases of the week. I also follow the companies on their Steam curator page. Anyway these are all of the sources I use. 

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I recall, when I just started and before I discovered VNDB, I actually used Wikipedia for this. :makina: Now I just go by the word of mouth, I guess. If I see some VN discussed a lot on Fuwa or somewhere else, or if I notice a new release on Twitter which doesn't seem like a random nukige or moege at the first glance, or if I stumble upon some good VN soundtrack on Youtube, I usually check VNDB to see what the game is about and how other people voted on it (though I don't really trust numerical ratings that much). Sometimes, if I want to look for a VN with very specific themes, I use tag search on VNDB.

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Seriously, if you just pay attention at the beginning of each month to what is scheduled and make a list of the ones you have an interest in, you won't miss anything.  That applies for English ones too, though perhaps not as reliable as localizations of Japanese ones.

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For me, it could come from any sources.

  • OP videos on YouTube found in my recommended videos list (Most Common)
  • Discussions on forums and Discord
  • Announcements/Catalogs from a VN publisher or localizer that I already have some titles from
  • Steam Catalog (Uncommon)
  • Reddit (Least Common)

I only use VNDB when it comes to doing research on whether or not I should buy the title. I don't want to have my room loaded up with boxes of VN titles that I will probably abandon after I complete all the routes.

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