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Last Stanza [Steam] [Slice of Life - Drama- SFW]

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From Studio 
- Innocenceイノセンス -


Check our Steam Page!

We have a Demo on the same page too!

Hello Everyone!

After a couple of years and a lot of love, I'm proud to announce we have launched our visual novel, Last Stanza on steam!
Our two-man team, with collaborators from around the world, created this poignant and heartwarming journey through loss and friendship across the most excitingly normal days of school.

- Story -

December, 2009. On a day in the last week of that month, I realized how slowly dripping tears had a shivering yet uneasy feeling. The coming of winter turned the air thin and cold. The clouds blocked out the sunlight that normally reached the ground making it seem as if the sun was absent.

Many days passed and life seemed to return to normal as if nothing had happened. To conceal my anger and confusion and slowly regain control of my thoughts, I opened my heart up to friends old and new to try at any cost to find a new place for myself.

But it is in peaceful moments such as these when even a single seemingly inconsequential action can set up a chain reaction like the endless waves of a once calm ocean turned violent, bringing to the shores of my mind the emotions I had thought were long locked away.


- Features -

Following the point of view of multiple characters, you will revisit past events finding a new perspective
Having almost 70.000 words, Last Stanza is a short and impactful story
There are more than 12 unique and detailed characters by Sunna [18+] plus 20 beautiful backgrounds and an exclusive soundtrack by Ryuno

English and Brazilian Portuguese are our supported languages


- Characters and Screenshots -














And many more!

- Where you can find us -






- For the People! -

If you came this far, I want to thank you for reading my post and I'd like to say it would be lovely to know what you think about Last Stanza! 
I will be sticking around and it will be a pleasure to answer anything you might want to discuss!


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