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How do you refer to fuwa members by name?

How do you refer to Fuwa members by name?  

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  1. 1. Name Preference?

    • Default Username
    • Simplified Version of Username
    • Given Nickname
    • Real Name (if you know the person well enough)

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Just curious. How do you refer to other Fuwa members by name? Do you refer them by their default usernames, or do you get creative and give them nicknames?

For me, I like creating simplified versions of default usernames for convenience because it helps me remember them better. Here are a few examples.

  • Dergonu = Derg or Dorg
  • Zenophilious = Zeno
  • Arcadeotic = Arc
  • MaggieROBOT = Maggie or Mags
  • plk_Lesiak = Lesiak
  • Kiriririri = Kiri
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Like @Dreamysyu mentioned, I mostly refer to people on the forums by shouting out to them, but even when I don't I usually use full nicks - Maggie and Kiri are probably the only exceptions. I also find myself thinking about people here mostly through their full nicks, notoriously misspelling and mispronouncing them in my mind, and being genuinely surprised when I "@" those people and see the correct versions. :wahaha:

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I tend to write the full usernames if I haven't had much interaction with the person in question... as if it were more respectful that way, I dunno. I guess that shortening the name of someone who I barely know is considered rude in my mind.

For other users that I know better, sometimes I do shorten them. That's how I address them in my head as well :makina:

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