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Mr Poltroon

Ace Attorney Fan Case: "A Tricky Turnabout"

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I have an announcement. The third title in my series of unconnected fan cases has released! Two in one year. I can scarcely believe it! You better not believe it either. It's a scam, it must be!
For this scam, I have used an online case maker specifically for creating Ace Attorney cons. Be scammed.


  • Lies
  • Tricks.
  • Gimmicks.
  • Verdicts.

And so, if you're looking for any of those things, you can probably find them in any other Ace Attorney trial. But you can play mine, instead. I even made a tutorial for people such as yourself who don't know how these newfangled online case things work (you are one of such people, right? If you aren't, why aren't you playing my case yet!?)

What are you waiting for? For me to post the link? Good point. Go over to this entirely different thread and play it now! All you need is to click the link under the section designated: "Link:"

Ace Attorney Online is the website, forum, community, and free online case maker I used to create this fan case.

If you have any criticism, opinions, want to complain about the fact that I reused this entire section twice in a row, or just want to flame me, please leave your comments on either this thread or the other one I linked to.
Thanks for playing! ...If you do play, that is.


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Well, this is embarrassing. It appears I've been linking to the wrong thread the whole time.

Here it is: http://aaonline.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=12473

Thank you everyone who's been liking my post and most definitely noticed the main link was wrong! You are free to make use of those flamethrowers now.

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