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Sanoba Witch/Sabbat of the Witch translation quality?


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Hey folks, due to the recent influx of uncensored VNs on Steam, i thought i would pick one up during the halloween, i was interested in Sanoba Witch, but while browsing the internet for info on it i came across screenshots like this:


So now i am wondering if the translation of this VN is any good or they just heavily "americanized" it?

Or is this (somehow) the actual translation for this character?

Please do share opinions on it, i am on fence about buying it.

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8 minutes ago, Kiriririri said:

Well if you would prefer "PUGYAA WAROTA WAROTA MAJI WAROTA" instead of that line then sure

Ok, so the overuse of "rolf/lol" isnt out of place. I had zero context when seeing screenshots of this Kanae character.

For a moment when looking at it the first time i had flashbacks of Neptunia's Nick Doerr type of translation, so forgive me if i look at the usage of "memes" and "internet slang" with suspicious eyes.

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Yeah, it seems good because most people can read this VN smoothly in English, but I'd like to stress that it doesn't do a good job when it comes to keeping the meaning of original phrases.

It is understandable sometimes that some texts are compromised in order to make foreigner catch the lines more easily, but for me, the translation done on the Steam version is far beyond sometimes, even when it comes to the most emotional parts of the VN. And I'm the type of person that cannot withstand that much of distortion in phrases, like...I feel strange like every 9 to 10 sentences just by things read by the VAs, even w/o checking out the unread parts.

Again, the translation quality is good if you overlook this point. Just saying these in case you find it strange with some of their ways to phrase.

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Well i often just think it has to be a team of young people when that happens and you see it often enough. Spoken japanese lines where you your head tells you a much more fitting english phrase than what is served in translations. Sometimes the japanese line is pretty mucj the same as in english... yet they change it to something else anyway when the direct translation would be perfect, and even sometimes the sentence is simply wrong as they think it wise to change it up.. write your own god damned stories if you feel like being creative like that, is my advice.. what makes them do stuff like that is beyond me, but it sure is annoying.


I think console translations for popular games are worse and more unhinged though. Sometimes it feels line you're listening to one story but reading another.

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