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~it's not like I'm introducing myself for your sake or anything~


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I thought about just staying a guest and lurking through some topics every now and then, but I really like the atmosphere of this place... everyone's nice and chill... I think :michiru:
I named myself dwaif a long time ago. I'm a pretty old user from the blockland forums (the only other forums I use nowadays), if you don't know what that is... well... it's like playing with legos on the internet.


I found this website completely by chance. I'm really new to visual novels, and I'm sorta picky... I went through dozens of reddit recommendations and wound up reading through recommendations here too. My first ever VN (or dating sim) was Heartache 101 …like years ago, and I still play it sometimes! I didn't touch any more vns until one day out of the blue I wanted to give the genre a shot, and played Chrono Clock earlier this year. I really enjoyed it, and started Grisaia no Kajitsu. I played through Yumiko's and Michiru's route so far, and loved every minute with them. Grisaia really exceeded my expectations, and actually made me tear up lmao

ChiruChiru is the best girl in my book B^) :yumiko:

that's pretty much it though... there's not much else to know about me I guess, but feel free to ask me anything!
thanks for having me here, and I hope we all get along!


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*Clephas arrives to punish the tsundere, his eyes glowing orange, his mouth curved in a bear-trap grin, a hooked knife dripping blood in his right hand*  Oh, it was just an intro.  *looks surprised and hides the knife, though the glow doesn't fade from his eyes*

Welcome to Fuwa.

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thanks everyone!

12 hours ago, UnlimitedMoeWorks said:

Well, I suppose you get props for the most unique introduction title I've came across. It's so tsun & dere.

Welcome to Fuwa! :sachi: Have you played Steins;Gate yet?


I have my eye on Steins;Gate. I'm thinkin about savin it for when I hit that "only want a serious vn" phase. I know for sure that it's definitely worth reading from all the praise I've seen about it

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It, it's, it's n-n-n-not like I'm welcoming you to these forums or anything. Baka!! :saber:


I digress. Welcome dude!

Nice to see someone else reading Grisaia.

14 hours ago, dwaif said:

ChiruChiru is the best girl in my book B^) :yumiko:

I AGREE SO MUCH! I read Grisaia over 12 months ago, and she's still my most favorite VN waifu ever :michiru:

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glad to see I'm not the only Michiru lover here, haha.

her and the rest of the cast were the deciding factor for me wanting to read more visual novels. the unseen depth that gets revealed through their routes that offers a new perspective of them and explains their actions during the common route was brilliant; it makes me want to find more experiences like this one.


originally I disliked Michiru from the start, and was pretty sick of the whole tsundere archetype. I wrote her off as an annoyance with the inconsistencies in her act, but her route resulted in a complete 180 experience. I changed opinions of her pretty quickly once her route started, as it become evident that I made my way into the life of a very broken girl.

her kindness and consideration slipped a couple times during the common route, and I caught on. I didn't imagine she would spill everything behind her actions and nuances. I felt pretty attached, and could relate to the way that she puts on a façade for the sake of others (an over the top façade nonetheless, but without any malicious intent).

as far as her other self, I had my own suspicions. I tend to regard literature as a medium that's open to interpretation when dealing with complex intricacies, and I felt this second personality of hers fell under this category. I favored the idea of Michiru having dissociative identity disorder, particularly due to the trauma that she endured, the gaps of amnesic memory loss, and my lack of suspension of disbelief. viewing it from that perspective added more character depth for me, with the context of her ending changing completely. reading through her bad end almost feels as if it was intended this way (which absolutely destroyed me) due to her overdose effectively killing off both personalities. that's just the way I see it though... can't say that I'm right about it :michiru:

I have mixed thoughts thinking about Michiru dropping her tsundere act by the end of her route. It would have been interesting to see her rebuild herself from the ground up, coming out as genuine to everyone, and not just Yuuji. By the end, her tsundere act is more or less just to say that she's back to the status quo. she continues to put on the façade out of fear, but it might just be that everyone else recognizes her by it (or that it's the only way she knows to act up to this point, and the fact that she despises the uncertainty that comes with her true self), and it would be strange to come out to others with such an abrupt change (almost as if they never met her in the first place). Tsundere is what makes Michiru, Michiru I suppose... and I still love her for it. :mare:

I have yet to read her afterstory, and her spin-off magical girl visual novel... which would be interesting to see if her split personality was incorporated into it.

my bad for the rant. I had all of this bottled up for a few weeks after finishing her route, and finally have an outlet I could just spill it out (although I probably should have put it in a different board... woops) :gasp:

tl;dr I'm in love with Michiru, and she's complex


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