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Hello, it's me, Bishounen-P

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Hi! I'm not new to the VNs scene at all, but recently figured it was time to make a forums account here and try spending time in this community. I've been a VN reader for about 6 years now, and I've read several translated JVNs and a boatload of EVNs. A few months ago, I finally decided to start writing them too! My first release is Strawberry Daiquiri which is a short, free VN about two guys hanging out in a cyberpunk-ish bar.

My favorite genre is mystery, but I'll read mostly anything. My favorite VNs are Fata Morgana and Danganronpa V3. I've read all of Higurashi but not Umineko yet (I know I really need to play it!) At the time of this post I'm currently in the middle of Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~.

Oh, and since I'm the Bishounen Producer, I should mention that my favorite boys are Kagamine Len, Yamazaki Sousuke, and so many Danganronpa boys.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Just now, littleshogun said:

Welcome to Fuwanovel, and good luck in regard of your project. Also if you need more VNs recommendations then feel free to ask here, and have fun in regard of Fureraba there. I hope that you'll have fun here.

Thanks! Fureraba is really good so far. It's rare for a moege to really click with me.

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