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Hello and Greetings!

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    Hello, I'm a college student studying computer science, and here in a sort place I don't usually frequent anymore: A forum. However, I have always enjoyed Japanese games all my life, especially visual novels; the people I look up to most are actually translators. I love the work they do, have always supported them, and continue to try to do so whenever I can. I love the whole community that is here where people work together for the passions they have. So I joined fuwanovel to be closer to my favorite passion and possibly dream profession ( I think it runs in the family, nearly every relative is bilingual, most trilingual, and my grandmother penta-lingual ). And so I as well study, and have been studying Japanese. I hope to contribute to the community me and others have benefited from for so long. 

    A pleasure to meet you all!

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7 hours ago, LanThief(HUN) said:

Welcome to Fuwa :sachi:

Hajimemashite  (Nice to meet you)


Do you think at an almost-but-not-yet-technically-I-guess N3 I can be of help translation wise? It's another thing I've been interested in helping with; it seems like a good way to help and a productive way to study.

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