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Band Camp Boyfriend [Otome] [GxB] DEMO + KICKSTARTER LIVE!

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[Marching Band] [Otome] [GxB] [Romance, Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Mystery, Psychological Thriller]


Rating: T (Language, Suggestive Humor, Violence, Instrument Abuse)







"Band, Atten Hut!"



Hello there! My name is Cadence. I’m a junior in high school and the new drum major of my school's band: The Blue Mountain Marching Bandits! I’m so excited (and a tad nervous...) for my first year in such an important role. I’ll try to be the very best conductor and leader I can!


To be honest, the past few years have been rough for the Bandits...it’s been pretty demoralizing. Directors have been coming and going, students are dropping out, and competition scores have been lower than ever.


But all of that is about to change! This year, we're getting a new band director named Mr. Victor Wiley, a passionate alumni of Blue Mountain High School. I can tell he's determined to salvage the declining band program and take us to new heights when competition season arrives, just like I am!


For Band Camp this year, Mr. Wiley said we'll be going away to a literal camp in the middle of nowhere--to "focus on learning this year’s field show and attain the ultimate level of band bonding." Words cannot describe how much I’m looking forward to this! I’m going to use this precious time to grow as a leader and make tons more friends. After all, it’s a fresh new year filled with hope and opportunity.

I hope the band is ready to experience plenty of blood, sweat, and tears, because this is going to be a marching band season unlike any other!




In Band Camp Boyfriend, the player’s choices will greatly influence day-to-day events, Cadence's leadership style, and her relationships with other characters. Eventually, her choices will determine which boy’s route the player ends up on.


-At least 7 Story Routes
-20+ Endings 
-20+ Unique Sprites with a Wide Range of Personalities and Expressions
-At least 24 CGs
-Original Soundtrack
-Partial Voice Acting
-Unlockable Sidequest
-Band Geeks

STATS? - Stats will remain mostly hidden from the player as we would like the focus to be on the unfolding story. We believe stat systems should serve the story first and foremost, and will be using them behind the scenes to assist in creating the most authentic and engaging experience possible. 

DIFFICULTY LEVEL - The game will be difficult enough that players have to use their heads when making decisions, especially in the latter half of the game. But it will not be so difficult that everyone will be absolutely required to use a walkthrough to reach all the true/good endings. There is some room for error. We're a bit traditional in the way that each character has one good or "true" end and one or more bad ends, with no "neutral" endings. However, we hope the bad endings will be satisfying in their own twisted way. They should be experiences players won't want to miss out on!



Each of the dateable guys is based on the popular personality stereotype of the instrument they play. For example, Peter the trumpeter has a huge ego and Clark the clarinetist is a no-nonsense perfectionist. There are many other personalities band musicians will recognize! 

Sprites by FloraDrawz






Some CGs will have Light Animations. Check it out here!


We are aiming to release our full game in June 2020! Here is our current progress, broken down by asset...

The script will undergo a number of revisions over the next year, but here is the current progress on the draft for the full base game. As of October 2018, only Poptart's arc needs to be finished. Every other route is completely drafted and in the editing stage.

Common Branch: 100%
Peter Arc: 100%
Clark Arc: 100%
Doug Arc: 100%
Garth Arc: 100% 
Tom Arc: 100%
Samuel Arc: 100%
Poptart Arc: 17%

CGS: 20%
GUI: 50%
MUSIC: 45%






Mello-Knight - Writer, Video Editor, Co-programmer, Character Design, VA (Felicity)

Xandra - Composer, Programmer, Co-writer, Character Design, VA (Sabrina)



FloraDrawz - Sprite Artist, CG Artist, Character Design

BunnyVoid - Background Artist 

Potouto - Logo Artist

mayunnaise - Chibi Artist

Inferno - Concept Artist, Character Design

Joe Goffeney - Tom & Clark
Jonathan David Bullock - Peter
Devon Kay - Samuel
Jared Raman - Poptart
Richard Barcenas- Doug
Joseph Ryan - Garth
Mark Coutu - Victor Wiley
Emily Woolf - Susie
Melody Muze - Marian
Daisy Guevara - Alex
Daniel Acosta - Aaron
Lasli Tran - Olive 


We are not recruiting new staff members at this time but we will definitely have needs in the future. Check back periodically!




Don’t feel obligated to answer every question if you don’t always have something to say. :) Every bit of feedback matters!

1. What piqued your interest in this game? Are you/were you in band or do you play a musical instrument? 

2. What do you think of the premise and setting?

3. What are your initial impressions of the dateable characters? Which one(s) stands out to you most, or which do you think you would pursue first?

4. What do you think of the protagonist?

5. Do you have any expectations?

6. Would you consider supporting the Kickstarter? 

7. Any other questions, comments, suggestions or feedback?

Apologies for the length of this post; I still have work to do making some new graphics and streamlining things. :lol: Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our game and keep an eye out for more news!

Edited by Mello-Knight

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I like this a lot already! The protag and the other characters seem to all have pretty detailed personalities which is nice. The art style is nice and while the setting is a bit blasé it is a different take on the whole high school thing. (I don't see that many stuff related to band out there)


The only other thing I have to say is, hey is the whole story going to turn into some slasher movie? Because it has a really good setup for one.

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