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Hello everyone

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Nice to meet you Fuwa-denizens, 

It's my first time in the forum (as a member) though I've known Fuwanovel site since way before, when torrents were still up and Katawa shoujo was my first VN (which I didn't finish, I completed only 3/5 routes of the girls that interested me, who knows if I will pick it up again). 
I registered because I wanted to be part of a community with the same hobby and have some social activity while searching for a stable job. 
I don't have a huge number of VNs completed and I mainly read Nukiges (Link - if you are interested, most of them are stalled so I didn't bother to put them on the list).

I did start to self-learn Japanese since High school with basic stuff but I've really learnt to read it mostly thanks Nukiges (weird, right?) using VN Reader. 
I have a sort of aspiration to become a translator thanks to my hobbies (I've translated some comics and ero-doujins), though I'm still in the dark on what path to take in the future because I invested 5 years to get a master degree in Biotechnology and I still can't find a goddamn job. 

I will look around the forum just to feel up the situation and probably I would like to join in a translation project so I would use my time in a meaninful way. 

Well, thank you for reading all of this and I hope my interests don't creep you out too much. 

See you around!

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Welcome to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. I see that you did learned some Japanese there, so good luck on your study there. I hope that you have fun here, and there's nothing wrong if you learn Japanese from nukige because most of those were did have simple Japanese there, therefore making it a good VN to learn Japanese ironically.

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