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Greeting fuwanovel members.

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We would like to introduce ourselves.
We are Yamamo studio, a new visual novel developer and fans.
We are more than happy to join you all in this great fan site to introduce our newly released visual novel, MyWorstGift.
It's our first project and it is a horror thriller scary tale for fans whom like the suspense atmosphere, creepy background music and chilling sound effects.
We are eager to know your opinions and feedbacks about our project, it's available now on Google play store for a humble price that would supports us to continue our development journey and helps us to gather more resources to make the project bigger and better.
We thank you sincerely for your precious time and we hope to hear from all of you soon.
Yours faithfully,
Yamamo studio.

Here is the links to our project:

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Greetings and I bid you welcome to fuwanovel! Wish you all the best regarding your VN projects and beyond! Although I also prefer to play Visual Novels in PC only since I'm a PC exclusive gamer... I'll just pass on this one too! 

Hope you'll enjoy your stay here! :sacchan:

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