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New untranslated PTR list

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When I started VNs and studying JP, I made a top 10 untranslated VNs I want to read list. Yesterday I finished the last VN in that list - Muramasa. As everyone who ever studied JP knows, if you don't have motivation, you will fail. So now I want to make another top 10 untranslated VNs I want to read list. Requirements are untranslated, NON yuri/yaoi VNs. Preferably action or mystery with some psychological, philosophical or literary related aspect which makes you think.

My current list is:

  1. Gekkou no Charnevalle
  2. Tokyo Necro
  3. Paradise lost 
  4. Vermillion Bind and Blood.
  5. Bradyon Veda
  6. Jingei Makyou
  7. Akeiro
  8. Nanairo
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On 9/18/2018 at 5:42 AM, tahu157 said:

Do you regret reading anything on the list as part of your learning process, versus saving them for when they'd be easier to appreciate?

Not at all. Yes, I did most likely miss a lot of things while reading, but it was enjoyable experience. Not only I liked what I read, but also it helped me to improve my JP greatly.

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21 hours ago, tahu157 said:

That's good to hear. I've been avoiding most of the things I really want to read because I'm afraid that reading them will be such a slow process that I won't want to read them at all anymore. Maybe I should just go for it though.

Learning a language is a gradual process which never ends. VNs is a good way to study because it is voiced. Just get hooking program and start with something easier in terms of JP and you would be fine. 

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I can recommend you Baldr Force here, although too bad though that it was already translated here so you couldn't add that to your PTR list - of course you can read it in English later though. Anyway as for the list, I would say that both of Oretsuba (Some physiological content) and Bullet Butler (Action) would be good addition to the list, and for the latter you can also try the FD that did have the crossover with Ayakashibito. I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful to you.

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