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[Releases] Anybody likes monster girls? [Siluman RPG]

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Anybody here likes monster girls?
We develop monster girls game and want some input about the story and how can we make it better,
It's free to play:wub:

About This project is still revolves on a man named "Minoru" yes that is you presumably. He is a net and gaming addict that loves to be the top of everything related to game. He was about to finish his current favorite game only to be abducted to another world. Where in this world he lost and search for the way home. He must collect the lust and libido as a key to become stronger and open the way home.
The system is RPG Maker default with some gimmick here and there. While there is a lot of meme and reference we inserting, we still hope you can enjoy this game.

[SC RPG-August Release]  | Siluman on Patreon
there is freebies of art-books and sketchbook if you become a patron for only $1


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I'm a huge fan of those.

Your game looks nice and I see a lot of effort being put into everything. Sadly, there seems to be not much that could actually interest me enough to even give it a try.

If you're willing to listen to feedback, let me tell you this. One of the biggest pet peeves of the industry is that monster girls genre relies too much on fetishism and erotic content, instead of trying to tell stories. I'd say 90% of games and vns including monster girls are typically rpgs or rpg maker porn games and it became stale years ago. I don't mind them being fetish fuel (it's only understandable from such perspective) and there's nothing wrong with porn either, but it's about time devs should try to actually start telling interesting stories, or at least try to incorporate those into the gameplay. Old folks like me get bored with the same exact thing being done over and over again.

I'd like to see more games, that bring something new to the table. I think monster girls are an interesting subject for fantasy-based stories, which could discuss interracial relationships, racism and prejudice or even practical outcomes from such beings existing alongside other races (obviously, we're talking about us - humans - most of the time). It's definitely something that gives a lot of space and freedom for really interesting tales to be told and more or less - something I truly root for.

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It sounds promising, i love this type of game.


As our friend said:

53 minutes ago, Narcosis said:

One of the biggest pet peeves of the industry is that monster girls genre relies too much on fetishism and erotic content, instead of trying to tell stories.


I seriously think that the thing that kills this genre is the forced erotic content, anything made on RPG Maker has a great potential since it isn't limited, but it seems like the game creator always limit what they do by putting a lot of erotic content thinking that it will help, what matters on a game, specially on RPG Maker, is how your decision will change the development of the history, i love to see the changes on the universe based on what i do, and i'm sure that a lot of people thinks the same. In my opinion, to develop this type of game, you need to focus on history, how decisions will affect it and gameplay, if you want to do a RPG, you need to make the player feels like they are playing a role, and that's where web immersion comes in, to make someone feel like they're in the game, you need history, not h-scenes. Be sure to make a good history, no matter how long it takes, and remember, there will always be something that could be changed, and you indeed need to change what you think is bad, but if you try to focus too much on the minimal changes, you will forget the over-all development of the history, if you have time to change the tiniest thing, use that time to make the player immerse on the game, but as i said, of course, change what you think its bad.


I hope that this game doesn't become like many others RPGMaker based games, that your decision have basically no difference at the overall history, a rpg isn't a VN, you shouldn't be a spectator reading the protagonist's life, you should be the one changing it, that's the most important thing you remember.

Overall, i think this game has potential and i'll certainly follow it.


One last thing, when i say that the choice of the player must change the development of the history, i do not mean the development of the girls, i mean the development of the universe that the game is on. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for your inputs,
As far as we plan to do we are planning to make this game better and better.
of course we don't plan to rework everything from ground up.
from the inputs we get about story, events, and anything we get from this game.
we will try to input these to the next game.
*after all if we fix everything in comments we will not release any games

even though we are still learning we hope for your assistance in these points.
Thank you :heart: 

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