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Hello people I am Artos, I been reading VNs LNs and manga on my spare time since I was in hs a while back I am still hooked on several right now mainly muv luv series,sunrider, ace academy of course overlord is a must read and 5 others :P  sorta making for time lost while I was in the military...    So anyway I have alot of free time now that I am a bum that doesn't work play games and read all night and most of day so feel free to bombard me with suggestions I would read about anything unless its trash like holy knight gosh that crap gave me nightmares...  

Hopefully I can meet like minded people here eh at least I hope


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Welcome to Fuwanovel, and if you interested in some chuuni VN perhaps I can recommend you something like Dies Irae and Tokyo Babel. Also if you're in mood of lighter VNs, then you can try Galaxy Angel trilogy as well because the trilogy is quite similar with Sunrider (Both of the trilogy were space opera). Feel free to ask anything if you need some help, and I hope that you'll have fun here.

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