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Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa creator) founds new studio Too Kyo Games (ft. Masafumi Takada, Kotaro Uchikoshi, more)

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This is everything my 16 year old self ever fucking wanted, holy fuck.


Staff includes Kodaka, Masafumi Takada (Danganronpa's composer), Takumi Nakuzawa (who worked on Ever17 and directed Root Double), and Kotaro Uchikoshi (Ever17, Zero Escape).


First project's being written by Uchikoshi and Kodaka (holy fuck) and has a theme of Extreme vs. Despair.

Concept art: DmzmpDkU0AIbhf1_thumb.jpg

Second project is an anime written by Kodaka and directed by Pierrot.

Concept art: DmznHlWUcAAdMrK_thumb.jpg

Third project is a “A death game of children, by children, for children." (credit for the phrase goes to Siliconera)

Concept art: Dmzn3ITV4AAKt1k_thumb.jpg

Fourth project is a "reasoning adventure" in a Too Kyo - Spike Chunsoft crossover.

Concept art: DmzpWauVAAA2NCA_thumb.jpg

Credit for all info, art and wording goes to Siliconera (the two linked articles).


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