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i give up

hi i am bored

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Hi, welcome to fuwa~:sachi:

As for recommendations,

If you like RPG game types try (These do have h-content)

-> Kamidori Alchemy Master

-> Evenicle

->Eiyuu Senki

-> Rance (be warned this is a rape-themed VN)

If you like Logic Puzzles/Deductive games (These dont have h-content)

-> Danganronpa

->Phoenix Wright Games

-> 999


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Welcome to Fuwanovel even though the title was not quite straightforward and your nickname is very simple. As for the recommendations, I would say that you can try Yumina along with both of Eien no Aselia and Seinarukana. Also seeing that it's close resembled usual JRPG, I would like to seconded Kamidori here. I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful, and that you'll enjoy yourself here.

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