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Hey guys! I'm arient.

I've been a silent reader for quite a LONG time, like since 2015? LMAO That's when I created this account. And now I've decided to start being active in the forums. 

The fact that I never posted anything is because I've been battling with anxiety for pretty much my whole life. I didn't know I had anxiety until recently, always thought I was just shy, but my "shyness" would extend to forums, social media, etc. It was that bad. Now that I'm treating it I feel much at easy to post things & I even talk too much now. :makina:

Anyway, back to the main topic, I only read a couple of visual novels so far because I'm lazy. My favourites are The House in Fata Morgana & Rewrite, amongst a couple others.

Nice to meet y'all! :thumbsup:

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Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the belated greeting. As for anxiety, yeah I can see of where you came from because sometimes even I did have some doubt to post something here, but in the end I managed to post something here by write what I want to say lol. So perhaps I would suggest you that if you want to say something about the VN, just say about it here. I hope that you'll enjoy yourself here.

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