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koichoco - need save files

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Hey guys, I was playing Koichoco and didn't know that Chisato's route was forced.

I really want to play satsuki's route without playing the chisato's route but I can't seem to get savefiles.

There is thread on fuwanovel that provides save files, but it doesn't work and took me the first route again.

There was another thread on reddit, but the save files on MEGA seem to have been expired.

Can someone please give me savefiles of chisato's compleated route. I will really appreaciate it.

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Go into settings, select 'skip all text' and alt through Chisato's route. That's what I did the 1st time I read through the VN (really wanted to read through Mifuyu's route as she's the girl who attracted me the most). 

I would suggest you read through Chisato's route first though. There's a reason why hers was the 1st you had to read; she's a pivotal figure in all available routes and reading her story first gives context on her behaviour and involvement inside the other routes afterwards. 

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