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Ever played a VN twice?


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Been playing them for 20 years and never repeated any but the ones I was translating. That said, I would have effectively played To Heart 2 about 20 times and Clover Day's about 5 times. Heading for at least 3 times through Haruka ni Aogi Uruwashi no since that's the current one I'm working on. But just for playing, no.

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9 hours ago, cro-mag said:

I only re-read two routes in two VNs:

1). Anzu's route in Da Capo 2;

2). Ayamine's route in Muv-Luv Extra.

That just so happened. Also want to re-read someday Majikoi Miyako's route, cuz the first time it still was in japanese and i struggled with translators. Although, in that case i can name Tsujidou as well, cuz i did read Renna and Maki's routes in japanese 4 years ago.

That's all. Same with anime. I just think that it's better to read/watch something new, other than re-read/re-watch stuff.

oooh good choices. they both have such enjoyable ways of talking.

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As far as I remember I re-read only a few, Grisaia comes to mind since there was a huge gap (4 years?) from when I read the first game and the second/third so before the January release of the 18+ version of Rakuen I re-read common route+ 2 routes in Kajitsu. 

Other than that I remember re-reading the stuco pres's route in Koi to Senkyo no Choco a few times since I loved that character and I still lament that there's no sensei route ;c

I plan to re-read Kono Oozora with the re-translation soon, maybe when the Fandisk has a release date

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I'll rarely replay vns more than once because a lot of times the common route is really annoying to go through all over again. Especially since I've lot the save games on the vns I would like to play again. At most I'll replay a route that I really liked.

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The only VNs I would be willing to revisit would be:

- Katawa Shoujo: tried to reread my fav routes, but gave up.

- Little Busters: I'd reread it whole, Steam version with bonus routes so not everything is already seen.

- Period: there is a couple routes I'd like to review.

And, of course, Steins;Gate and S;G 0. I've played those 2 times each, last year and this year. I'm kinda wanting to play them again next year. Add to that a complete Let's Play of base S;G, that was when I first heard of it.

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I did replay a few VN that i liked the most, such as No One But You, which i fell in love after doing Yui's route (despite the appearance, that's actually a pretty good VN in my opinion), there's also a bunch of others VNs that i don't remember the name right now.


I seriously think that read the same VN twice is great, because you will be able to see the game from another perspective and take a look at how the history would develop if you didn't choose the other route on your first play-through, and that's what chocked me with NOBY, the huuuge difference between the possible endings.

Now, if you're talking about re-playing the same route you once did, i have only done it with NOBY, but if you like the history and want to read it again, go for it, i am gonna read again until i am satisfied, because if you ended a VN and you're not satisfied, then what was the whole purpose of the VN? VNs are made to be intriguing and interesting.

Oh, and about mystery VNs, they are reaaally worth replaying, there's always something you didn't see, the more you play, the more you wish to play again.

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On 8/30/2018 at 7:13 PM, snowbell55 said:

As with some others, I don't read the whole thing in full, but do read the common route and my favorite route. The two biggest examples of this would be Katawa Shoujo and Princess Evangile. For KS, I've taken to rereading the common route + the Hanako route (my favorite) every year. It's the route that got me hooked on the medium and even now I still find it fun and relaxing to read. As for PE I haven't yet reread it, but I greatly enjoyed it and plan on rereading the common route and Rise's route, before jumping into W Happiness for the first time. 

I'm also strongly considering rereading the Konomi and Tama-nee routes from To Heart 2 (I really REALLY liked those routes and heroines -

  Reveal hidden contents

the confession scenes were great in both

) and also the Chisato route from Koichoco (I'm a fan of her as well).

Chisato? Was that the crazy girl who only saw mc as a replacement for her dead brother? Whole thing was beyond weird and not waifu material if i'm not remembering wrong.

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1 hour ago, Stormwolf said:


Your post spoils a pretty important part of the route... Regardless, yes that's the heroine in question. Explanation below and hidden in case someone wants to go into the VN blind.


I thought it was well done, stronger than most of the other routes in the VN (Satsuki's being the close second), and I liked the way it was handled without having to fall off of the rails as can happen with some stories (IMO it happened with the Michiru route, for example). It was also a theme I've not come across before, which made it fresh, and even if I didn't always agree with her actions, I could see why she acted the way she did both in her route and in others, so having things play out (in terms of you being forced to read it first) the way they did was IMO a sensible (and again, interesting) way of handling the story that I'd like to see done in more VNs. Plus, twintails :D. I do admit she's a polarizing character which makes the opinion a bit controversial but I enjoyed it quite a lot and wished that the other routes lived up to that one.


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I believe I've gone through the first Danganronpa 4 or 5 times. It's just simple and fun even after the suspense wears off. DR2 only twice, and V3 just once. 

I reread Umineko recently and regretted reading it earlier, it's an incredible work of art and might be the entire medium's best in many regards, in my eyes. (Overall favorite is still Fata Morgana though. :P) 

I tried to replay 999 once and got too bored to go through the true ending. Ironically, this was because I loved the game so much first time around I still remember most details... 

Reread Ever17's Sora route when someone patched the translation onto the PSP port which I could run on my Vita. She's still one of my favorite characters... 

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