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Moenovel announces next Title

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1 hour ago, El Mugaro said:

Please. At least consider it if the release ends up being decent enough like MiaZora.

You're the hero we need.

Eh, even if their translation turns out to be decent enough and doesn't need any fixing (I kinda doubt that), this still means translating a Fandisk-quantity of vanilla H-scenes. That's a nope - KonoSora pretty much exhausted my vanilla-tolerance. XD

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So, there's a release date - it should be available by the end of the month - 2019.02.27

TBH, I kind of lost interest in this release...

After @Dergonu's report/review I made up my mind to read Cruise Sign instead someday.

Well, might still buy it just to see what they did with it...


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