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Any Visual Novels almost similar "1 Litre of Tears" book?

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Never watched this series, but from the summary i saw on wikipedia, the closest things to it would probably be Shiori's route from Kanon and the final route from Himawari The Sunflower. There's a recent untranslated one with something like that, but i never played it so i can't attest to its' quality.

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What you are looking for are utsuge (depressing) VNs, sadly or luckily depending the way you see it there is only 1 VN like that: Narcissu. There is nothing like narcissu or 1 litre of tears aside from that, trust me I've been searching for years now...

Shiori's route on kanon is a joke, don't even bother.

I can recommend you a few depressing VNs that I consider masterpieces or really good ones aside from narcissu, but they have some sci fi or fantasy elements on them:

Tomoyo it's a wonderful life (Don't read the all ages ver they ruined the ending, go figure people don't like sad stuff so they made it happy :amane:) <------this one is probably the only one without fantasy elements... kinda

Fata morgana and then fata morgana another episode <----- a  masterpiece without a doubt, specially the another episode

Kira kira but only the normal ending of kirari's, don't bother reading the rest.

Hello world natsumi's route 

Oh yeah and Gin'iro.

You have plenty of vns there to read :P 

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50 minutes ago, Hetzer123 said:

What is the different between nakige and utsuge?

A nakige is an emotional vn, literally one that has some scenes that will move you to tears. A utsuge is a depressing game, it feels like there is no hope. Often there is no good ending for the characters. Or the mood can just be very gloomy.

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Utsuge = depressing games, they always end in a bad way, for example in an utsuge vn the heroine if she is sick she will die and not in a happy way like she wont become an angel or anything that can turn her death into something more happier. Clear examples of utsuge games = Narcissu.

Nakige = a game that can make you cry and has some sad stuff in it but most of the time ends well, same scenario as before, the heroine doesn't die or she becomes an angel, etc. Perfect example of nakige = Clannad.

泣き-ゲーnaki-ge from crying

鬱-ゲー utsu-ge from depression

糞(くそ)-ゲー kuso-ge shitty game aka dustmania :sacchan:

ゲー = for video game

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