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Nekopara best girl poll and general thread


Nekopara best girl/cat  

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  1. 1. Who is best girl?

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I think it's about time. We (or better they, *hiss* nonbelievers) have to live with the fact that Nekopara has become more powerful than before it was struck down, with merchandise, OVA and two prequel spin-offs and all that jazz. 

Now that all characters had a lot of screen time to present themselves, it's time for a best girl poll. Votes shall be cast with user names revealed to lay bare all the wrong opinions and no "but I can't pick one"-cowardice. 


And after that's done, everyone can discuss extra (we kind of did in the other thread didn't we? The domestic abuse one?) or speculate what's going to happen in Volume 4 and whether or not the nekopara cinematic universe will merge with Wankopara after release.

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I just played Nekopara 1 for the first time two days ago. I'm horrified. It's like the ultimate objectification of women. They're intellectually inferior, children, dependents, sex objects, they don't have goals or ambitions that conflict with your own, their job is to smile and be cute, they are suited to be your lover, play partner, free labor, whatever you want to buy them for, they're just playthings that have no agency whatsoever and they're custom designed to love, lust for, and worship you. They're the realization of the image that oppressed women across the world are forced into reflecting. They're disposable daughter wife sex slaves, and the entire world around them just treats it as normal. It makes me so sick.

Also, I came buckets and my heart grew three sizes that day. I can't wait to play the sequels.



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2 hours ago, frc_ said:

Shigure is probably just biding her time. In ten years or so, the feline competition will disappear all by itself.

Shigure planned to have them all get together with him though so why would she wait? My guess is that she will bribe the catgirls with tuna then switch place with one of them when they all plan to have sex with her brother at the same time. Shigure will probably just dress up like one of them and try to use the confusion to get him to insert it from behind and use the fact that he deflowered her to make him take responsibility.

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Are we on predictions? I will hereby declare my bets for the Volume 4's H-scene pairings. Assuming we stick to the 2-cats per scene formula, I think we will get:


1st scene: Chocola and Coconut

This is going to be the lovey-dovey one with lots of flirting, straight up dere and is wholly wholesome. Or, as wholesome as a threesome can be I guess.

2nd scene: Azuki and Maple

This is the tsundere H-scene, where the two cat ladies bitch and try to one-up one another for attention, but end up being banged and smashed (bashed or smanged if you will) out of their antics by the protag. 

3rd scene: Vanilla and Cinnamon

This is going to be the kinky one. Footjob, toys, butt stuff, bondage, girls on top, etc. The good stuff.

Since Volume 3 broke the whole formula, I wouldn't put it past sayori to make a 4-way scene, a big group scene or even a Shigure scene in addition to that.


But that's just a theory. A vn theory!

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7 hours ago, Corrupted said:

I played Nekopara 1

Should I play Extra yet? Or do 2 > 3 first?

I also see Nekopara 0. I'm confused. Plz input preferred play order.

Just focus on the main volumes. 0 and extra are short prequels with no H. You can do them later if you really love Nekopara for something other than the H I guess. 

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