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For anyone currently affected by Steam not showing you particular content it's because they automatically uncheck the box for that content. All you need to do is the following;

Log into Steam.

Look in the Upper Right Hand Corner

Click the Arrow Next to your Name

Scroll down to "Store Preferences" and Click

Should see the following after a little scrolling;

                VIOLENT & SEXUAL CONTENT

Include products in my store that contain the following types of content: 

 Show products with frequent violence or gory content Applies to products frequently tagged as 'violent' or 'gore'. You may still see some of these products if they have not been labeled properly or if you specifically search for the title. 

Show products with frequent nudity or sexual content Applies to products frequently tagged as 'nudity' or 'sexual content'. You may still see some products with this content for the following reasons: (1) If the sexual content or nudity is only a small portion of the product, (2) if the products have not been labeled properly, or (3) if you specifically search for the title.

Check the Box for both.

No more problem. Might want to scroll through the entire list just to make sure nothing else is unchecked.

Upon doing this save and then try searching you shouldn't have an issue now. You can also exclude up to 3 tags if you don't want to see a particular type of content.

It isn't bad and it has been because of them working out the bugs for this that it has taken so long for VNs to get approved. Shouldn't take quite as long now in theory. If someone doesn't like seeing something in particular they now have the tools to block it so no reason for them to get upset. Steam should explain the system though to make things easier for people.

I've been reminded this has been around for quite some time...the main difference is it actually works now. Steam forums are also talking about another update that might introduce further features or change it altogether. Guess time will tell...the best thing to do is simply not buy visual novels on steam but eh whatever...

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Maybe the difference is that now they are disabled by default and you have to manually switch them back on, while previously they were enabled? That way new users arent hit by "offensive" content.

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For me (old user), those content are enable by default. People still do troll tagging on steam. (like FPS on Sanoba) You might also untick the 2 boxes below the "COMMUNITY CONTENT PREFERENCES", "VIOLENT & SEXUAL CONTENT" if that annoys you.


This feature reminds me on how Fakku handle their controversial content (manga not game)


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