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Rise Bell

Hello Everyone.

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Hello my name is Aki,

There is nothing interesting to say about me other than that I am an ISM-Student and a part time software-engineer.  I have been reading VN's for about 2,5 years just because i got dragged in to it by my friend. My fav genre of VN' is more a Comedy/ Slice of Live. With that said i am not particularly picky of what I read.

I enjoy reading heavy-story VN's like Dies Irea , G-senjou, Sorcey Jokers (Asahi best girl btw). but also Princess Evangile and Dal segno. The only thing I can't stand is Gore. I first stumbled on Fuwa trough the Walktroughs and the VNTS. Been a Ghost member for half a year and now i have finally decided to make an account just to reply to a topic someone else made.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day. 

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Welcome to Fuwanovel, and now that you've been registered here feel free to write what you want to tell in regard of your opinion here. If you need some VNs recommendation here, feel free to ask us about that. Speaking about recommendation, just in case you still didn't read it I think you can try to read both of HatsuKoi and Hapymaher here, and if you want more than perhaps you can try both of Tokyo Babel and Tsujidou. I hope that you'll have fun here.

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