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Senshinkan Ture Route

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You know you have a problem when you create multiple threads in a short period of time, but I need help again. So, I have been playing https://vndb.org/v12455, and finished 3 first routes. I unlocked new options for 4th/true/Seira route. Begun doing that route and followed walkthrough, but instead of a new route I was forced to repeat Akira's route.

After a lot of testing I found where the problem starts. During the part where guys talk about girls, MC has to choose 1 heroine. I choose Seira, but for some reason I get Akira's cutscenes. Any suggestions?

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Try clear one bad end first, if that doesn't work use the save available in seiya saiga, if this also doesn't work it's probably a bug, so try checking updates.




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