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Whats going to be next for Maitetsu.  

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  1. 1. What mods ( non Lore friendly ) would you like to see for the char sprites

    • Nude patch
    • Pregnancy patch
    • Regular Swimsuit ( bikini or onepiece )
    • Sport Bloomers
    • BDSM clothing
    • Skimpy swimsuit
    • Nude with Pubic hair
    • Skimpy clothing
    • School swimsuit

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On 9/11/2018 at 3:43 PM, Stormwolf said:

Man... he's not talking about an actual virus, but steams policies and drm.

Man, I really stepped in it.  Other than what are clearly my stated opinions, what I said about their policies is true, and can be backed up -- not that I would go to that trouble....  phew..  I'm actually a s/w developer, lol.  2+ decades...   They thought I meant a real virus, lol..  oh man.  Sorry, not my intent to drag anyone else in to this. hah..  I know I got a tad randy in my response to being called sickening, lol.  But - I really thought I was somewhat innocently stating my opinion and experiences.  Their backlog of banned VNs is quite long - it'll be interesting to see how they "fix" some of those.

BTW - I use Origin, and it is not even close to as intrusive as Steam - the binaries are the same ones you get from a boxed product - not at all true for Steam... the list of diffs is long.  But - I'm not interested enough - folks will do  what they want, which is just fine.  There used to be a religious thing going on twixt PC and Mac zealots... I hadn't realized that it had crossed over to ... game distribution, heh.  I'm wary of any ET that wants to phone home every time it gets a tick of the clock - know what I mean?


:-)  Thanks SW for clarifying what I'd naively thought obvious.

Cheers, Sir.

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On 9/13/2018 at 3:13 PM, garine said:

Indeed it does not. My report was kinda buried under all that stupid talk about Steam though, gj ppl. :ren:

My bad, my bad - humble apologies.   So - did you get the rest of the demosaic and whatnot all working properly anyway?   I thought it was pretty cool of HopelessHiro to dig until he got those working - it'd be a shame if slight variances in config or something broke them.
I _bet_ it wouldn't be that difficult to port the band-aid removal... hmmmmmmm..  I haven't seen the band-aid'd version - I was assuming that it's just like the Bathhouse scenes, with towels removed. It's a handful of scenes, but only a few of them, iirc, would even show the "band-aid area".  Let me know - I've been looking at the work that these patches entailed (but, clearly I don't have that "other" version, lol..).  If it's worth it - I'll go over what HH did for the Steam patch, see what a band-aid removal would entail.

This VN - I've been working on a backlog for like, a year - but this Maitetsu - once I got used to it (the Freemote animations) it is probably the best looking VN I've ever seen.  Really beautiful game - and the MC is actually decent, ahem, except when he's not, heh.

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I'm almost done with the game (I'm at Reina's route). And, well, there was only one scene with band-aids in the common route so it didn't matter that much. The crashing was much more annoying.

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HoplessHiro, My friend, I checked the exact working capacity of the patch on the Japanese version of the game. The result is negative. The patch does not work, I only used your patch on the original game (Japanese). Is it possible to somehow run a patch on it?
I apologize in advance that I could not check at once for sure.
Deleted files .sig






Edited by Ristarchik
Вставил скриншоты. One with dice.

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