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Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy - Kickstarter LIVE!

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Our Kickstarter Campaign is now live. Our campaign will last from today until the Friday, November 9 2018 12:00 AM EDT. 
Please click here to go to our Kickstarter Page ---> https://kck.st/2Ekj35M

Demo is Available On Itch.io and Steam.


Video Trailer Now Available! 

What is Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy about?

Coffee. Yes, you guessed it. It's about coffee - Cappuccino, latte, flat whites and single origin pour over coffee.


But it's not just about coffee......


It's about coffee in a steampunk fantasy world where caffeine is magical. 

The Story

Taka, the protaganist, has not seen his mom since his 6th Birthday. One day he decides to embark on a journey to search for her whereabouts.

He falls off a plane after drinking a bottle of cold brew coffee given to him by a mysterious barista. This leads him to arrive at a city called Victoria, a Victorian / Steampunk alternate reality where technology is at least a century behind. 

He soon finds himself in front of a coffee house called Taka Coffee House, the same coffee house he and his parents used to work and live together as one family. Desperate to understand the situation he is in, he vows to find out what happened to his parents. 

But before doing so, he needs to learn about the power of caffeine. And in order to learn about the powers of caffeine, he needs to learn how to...... brew coffee.

In this journey, he's not alone, helped by 4 lead characters with amazing talents:

The Main Characters

Eliza - The Coffee Cupping Prodigy

Favourite Coffee: Mayan Single Origin Medium Roast

Quote:  "Caffeine isn't just for coffee duels, it's for building a better world. Can't everyone just live in peace and harmony with each other?"

Alice - Energetic Pastry Chef 

Favourite Coffee: Actually, she prefers tea.
Quote: "I eat sweets everyday to remind myself what happiness feels like!"

Mel - The Espresso Lady

Favourite Coffee: Caramel Latte with cream on top
Quote: "I can brew 200 espressos in a day, beat that!'"


Oceane - The Pour Over Queen

Favourite Coffee: Anything she brews for herself - She's just that good.
Quote: "Even if you're so poor you're homeless on the streets, you still shouldn't give up on good coffee. No coffee, no life."

Supporting Characters

The visual novel also features a full array of supporting characters with rich background stories of their own:



Victoria - The City
Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy, is also a story about the city of Victoria. The world's coffee capital, and the most powerful city state in the world. Numerous background scenes have been created to portray the city and its coffee house, done to create a fully immersive environment.


Become an active participant in uncovering the history and lore of the city. Around 20,000 words have already been written dedicated to world-building ONLY - History, Geography, folklore and politics. 


Why Follow Us

Story-Rich - There will be romance elements, but story is king. 20,000 words have already been written on world-building ALONE.
Choice Matters - Every choice matters. Characters will remember what you said and react accordingly in later chapters, opening up different dialogues. 
Non-Branching Main Plot -  From beginning to end, you get to interact with every character, while still enjoying different endings and scenarios.
Animated Sprites - All sprites have been animated in Live2D, giving you a lively experience.
Original Music Composition - Original music have been composed, to create an atmospheric victorian / steampunk / fantasy environment
We're serious about coffee - Yes, we are.



Demo - To Be Launched Late August

For now,if you want to get weekly updates, you can follow us on this page as well as on these channels:



The Team

Story By - Peripherypro
Character Artist - Nori Chia
Background Artist - ExitMothership
CG Artist -
Music Composition -
David Salazar
Geoff Moore
Animation & Video -

Please refer to this page for Full credits - http://kikaidigital.com/the-team/

Is this a visual novel which you are interested in? 

Would you like to have the opportunity to alpha test the demo?

If both your answers are YES, then please PM or reply to this thread.

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Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that we are now doing a soft launch on the demo, now Available On Itch.io.

Demo Features:

  • Animated Sprites For ALL Characters.
  • 8 Custom Soundtracks
  • High resolution (1920x1080) backgrounds and sprites
  • Unique Story. 50,000+ words in Demo. 1.5 hours of gameplay.
We hope you like it, please leave us some feedback. Your feedback is important for us to further improve this game, and will help us to prepare our Kickstarter launch in October!


  • Who was your favourite main character? (Eliza, Mel, Alice and Oceane) Why?
  • Who was your favourite supporting character? Why?
  • Which part of the story was most memorable?
  • Which part of the story felt like it was dragging on?
  • Were there any parts in the story where you felt engaged and simply wanted more?

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Update: 27/10/2018

Our Kickstarter Campaign for Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy is now fully funded with 12 days to go! 

But we still plan to aim for those stretch goals, which includes more CGs and partial voice acting.



Anyone who is interested in our visual novel about coffee and magic, please support us so we can reach for these stretch goals!


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