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I personally use Kitsu.io because I've difficulties running Anilist smoothly. But if you use either of those two and watch anime with a player rather than via streaming, for convenience's there's also the software Taiga allows you to keep easier automatic track of the anime you're watching and the episodes you're on. It's been running decently for me so far with only a couple issues occasionally.

Recommending it in case you're like me and you only remember to update your lists every two months...

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37 minutes ago, Natsururin said:

I've difficulties running Anilist smoothly.

Oh really? It seems fine to me. What I mainly about it is how you can get updates for ongoing anime you're watching whenever a new episode comes out. Granted, I do have RSS to fall back on so it's not too bad, but it's still nice to have an extra source, especially since RSS doesn't tell you the specific episode you're currently on.

I'll give Taiga a look sometime though. I usually update my list every time I watch anime, but I wouldn't mind having something like that on hand to automate the process. Thanks!

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