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Original Fakku forum release:


Seeing as I don't plan on spending money quite yet on a broken game, I have gotten the game and made a drag and drop patch that fixes the common route CG's and the EMote characters(the ones that move like the censored Hachiroku at start as well as the nude models). Only thing I couldn't get working were Paulette(Nude A), Makura(Nude), and Kisaki(Nude). Fixing those requires more effort than i'm comfortable putting into something like this. If anyone knows how to compile EMote PSB files, fixing the last three girls is as simple as editing the BMP images in Photoshop with cut and paste from the corresponding Jap version files.(Both emotedx.xp3 files decompiled with krkrextract to get BMP and animation bsp.tjs files.)

Mega.nz | Maitetsu Temp Patch

This is a patch. Not the full 18+ dlc.


Thanks to the help from a kind benefactor, I acquired the Steam release. Steam users can now y o r o k o b e.

Figuring out how the Steam release worked was such a damn pain. 

Not much was updated, apart from a few thousand scene seek thumbnails. Mainly giving Steam users some love.



MAITETSU 18+ RESTORATION PATCH v1.3    7-10-2018




Maitetsu WIP Decensor patch thread


The main issues I was dealing with while making that patch that most certainly limited how much I can do are:

1. KrkrExtract just doesn't want to cooperate majority of the time when extracting XP3's.

2. When it does, it doesn't even extract the stuff I needed.

3. Repairing the sprites requires my being able to repack EMote .pbs files with edited .bmp images. Not hard at all to do, just repacking is the issue AFAIK

4. The data.xp3 is encrypted. About half of it KrkrExtract can get done, but the half that i'd need to fully repair the "filesystem" I guess you can say into something usable is.

5. God help me TJS2 bytecode is one of the most disgusting atrocities I have seen.


Bless based nihongo tools


If there is anyone out there who knows the KiriKiriZ engine or EMote engine, your input is always welcome.


Suzu ga besto desu

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Oh yeah, thought I should mention. I haven't even played the game past common route yet. It's kind of how I am lmao I like fixing shit. If someone could list where the voices go borked or where anything does not work like it did vanilla JP release, let me know. Or you can take the mantle and look into it yourself ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Chances are I'm just gonna have a few dozen bookmarks while I'm playing through so I know where the issues are. AS OF WRITING KrkrExtract finally decided to extract the data.xp3 scenario files properly with no corruption/encryption whatever that was. Hopefully I can get somewhere with this.

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Thank you for doing this, forget Sekai, they never fixed Hoshizora no Memoria nor A Clockwork Ley-Line and as of now there's still no indication they will fix this either, as someone else pointed out Sekai doesn't even acknowledge that the release has problems, the only official statement on this issue comes from Fakku, and even if they eventually decide to fix Maitetsu it'll probably take them a few months to do it.

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I've only read through Hachiroku route and starting on hibikis. In terms of CG there here are one that are censored. For voice lines I don't know as i haven't read through whole thing in Japanese released vr


In the bath/お風呂で



Sealing/ シーリング




hibiki's pants/ 日々姫のパンツ



In the bath/お風呂で



Backwhipe/背中拭き Edit 1



massage/ マッサージ



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I've been logged out and lurking for years but I logged in to say I really hope this comes to fruition.

I somewhat foolishly bought the Steam version hoping for the R-18 patch to be reliable coming from Fakku, but of course Sekai/Denpa were the ones working on it and had to fuck it up like they do everything it seems.

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14 minutes ago, Wiz said:

I don't know if you are the guy who requested https://github.com/morkt/GARbro/issues/199 but if you aren't, you might be interested considering KrkrExtract doesn't work correctly with your case.

Yeah no not me. But I did see that earlier today. KrkrExtract seems to be working fine so far, fingers crossed.

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1 minute ago, Being said:

おちんちん  gets translated as pee-pee in the H-scenes, completely unerotic, I suggest a replacement in a future patch

What do you propose? Piston rod? Ramrod? Penis? Lovestick?

Ideally the translation should be reviewed and not just pinpointing a single word. From what people post about the translation, it could do with an improvement.

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Just now, tymmur said:

What do you propose? Piston rod? Ramrod? Penis? Lovestick?

Ideally the translation should be reviewed and not just pinpointing a single word. From what people post about the translation, it could do with an improvement.

Ramrod or Meat rod for the lulz. Makes it even moar sexy.

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3 minutes ago, Chuee said:

Yeah those 10 year olds are being so unerotic so disappointed

u make no sense, h scenes are supposed to be erotic


31 minutes ago, tymmur said:

What do you propose? Piston rod? Ramrod? Penis? Lovestick?

I liked the "weiner" in boob wars but i know that's a very controversial opinion

how about just penis?

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