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Maitetsu 18+ Release Restoration Patch

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On 10/13/2018 at 10:56 PM, Heliosaurus said:

Didn't die btw, message me here or on steam or something if you want me to try patchin' up another horribly fuckered visual novel. :wafuu:

do you think its possible to patch the 18+ scenes into the english release of love kami, cuz moenovel for some reason is strongly against 18+ scenes and have completely removed them from the english version while the japanese version has the 18+ scenes

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I apologize for my stupidity but did the patch isn't working on steam anymore ? 

I did download and install the patch by extracting it into the folder, It did remove the Bandaid,towel in the bath scene but no h scene to be found anywhere 

here's the list of what i've done

- i did install both restoration and decen patch separately 

-i did install the complete steam patch 

-i did install only restoration patch

-i've reinstall and replayed the game 

but the h scene still no where to be found


i've already finished all of the route btw 


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