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Hoshizora no Memoria problems

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So I just downloaded the game, going through a bunch of error and still blocked out because of this


What I have done are: changed the local and unicode all to JP, installed the ENG full patch, install the 1.2 patch and this happen. The JP launcher is stuck with the graph failed to load while the ENG launcher got stuck with the image above.

Can anyone help? I really want to come back and play this game again.

Edit: Also wanted to say this, if I do all the changes to the locale (format, unicode, locale) to JP, the JP launcher will play the game just fine. It seems that only after applying the ENG patch that is starting to breakdown.

Edit 2: The game crashed with the above error when the first scene that feature Chinami comes in, accessing the 3rd menu where you alter the characters dialogue boxes also result in this.

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