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Hello, hello my fellow Fuwa'ers,

My name is Hata,
I've been allowed this post by Dergonu

Would you like to join our visual novel community? We are a small group of German people, that had the dream of popularizing visual novels in the west, same as you do. As we are currently expanding and exceeding 300 members in discord, of which quite a lot are active daily, we are finally trying to find some people from this particular community. We are a German website called Visual-novel.info. The domain for the site is http://www.visual-novel.info and we are posting several news, trivia, reviews (fairly extensive ones) and other stuff there. Our goal thus far has been to popularize the genre in Europe and especially Germany. We are also cooperating with Sciadv sites like Kirikiribasara and Japanese publishers like Chloro (2236 A.D) and Studiopolaris.jp . Since the website is completely German and for the time being will stay German, the least of you might feel interested enough in that. I've been told it is quite readable with Google Translate though but doing that would require some dedication :P 

But since we started expanding towards the further areas namely America and Japan via our discord server https://discordapp.com/invite/gtNRnbe we grew substantially and it evolved into a very nice place for people to gather, discuss, theorize and talk about their brightest and darkest eroge fantasies without getting judged. The server is as international as it gets with [EN/GER/日本語] because we split it into three language sections which are thriving to get equally populated. We also hold discussions about the currently released games and events. You can also learn japanese from natives and capable learners for your own enjoyment and going towards mastery for your own JoP needs! :)
If you are interested in talks about VN and Eroge or all the other games from glorious 日本 I'd be pleased if you gave us a chance and joined the server.

Lastly, I also want to mention, that there are quite a few company affiliates active on the server of publishers and KS/Indie and we are always eager to sort more potential visual novel enthusiasts into the mix.
This causes that the conversations don't really stay shallow, as we are very dedicated and passionate people. Also FanTLers are welcome to talk in private rooms about their stuff.

I hope you'll enjoy your time at our place. (`・ω・´)ゞ


Link to the server: https://discordapp.com/invite/gtNRnbe
Social Media: http://www.twitter.com/BishoujoNEWS

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Most importantly, the Discord server has a dedicated Venus Blood Frontier channel that's actively observed by Ninetail and used as a focus group to assess fans' reaction to new ideas.  A JAST representative is active there as well, so it's fun trying to claw information out of him.

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We started pushing out daily posts on our website. Please check them out. Theres a lot of work put into them like my 4.000 word Subarashiki Hibi review (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
Also Tyrs Loveletter review is worth reading too!

We breached 330 people now. Before I posted it were near 300. Thanks for all the new people!


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