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Grimm & Tonic: Last Call (A Serial Web VN)

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What’s Grimm & Tonic

This is a weekly web visual novel, that follows the residents of the fictional city of New Eden.

New scenes released every Friday.

Check it out here

What’s “Last Call"

In this VN, you wake up one evening to find Death sitting on your sofa. Broke, friendless and apparently soul-less, He offers you a temporary job at the premiere, local, shady hole-in-the-wall, DEAD-END.
Maintaining a healthy Work-Life balance is pretty tricky on a good day but it’s damn near impossible when your boss threatens foreclosure on your mortal existence. As the new bartender at DEAD-END, you’ll make new friends, mix weird drinks, all while navigating Life, Death and everything in between.


What are the Themes?
The game will focus on the following themes:
Wishing vs. Desire vs. Action
Locus of Control
Coping Mechanisms
Personal Growth


You can expect the game to touch on topics such as suicide, alcohol abuse and depression.  This title is going to be focused towards an audience aged 16 and up.  There will be references to alcohol and adult situations.  However, there will be no explicit nudity


What's the Master Plan?
I'll be releasing new scenes every week for free (like a webcomic) and I plan to package episodes (comprising of 4-5 scenes) for commercial release going forward.  The MSRP for the episodes will be $4.99, but you can get them at a cheaper rate through my patreon.

Open to Feedback?
Yep.  Looking forward to any comments anyone may have: Pacing. Ideas/Suggestions. Both Positive and Negative criticisms.

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