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Sprite's Sticky Situation


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37 minutes ago, littleshogun said:

Sprite did tweet that they'll gonna announce of their overseas version soon, which is sound vague for now. While there's a chance that it might be just a dub version of Aokana, it still interesting to keep an eye on so I decided to post their tweet below. If it's true that they'll gonna localized the VN, I hope that sprite didn't get tricked by the bad translation company just like Mikandi.


I see NekoNyan announcing AoKana in 2 weeks. I can almost feel it!

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  • 5 months later...

Decided to revive my own thread, because we got the news that said Sprite goes bankrupt from their tweet below.

I didn't know Japanese here, but VNDB already discussed it as sprite goes bankrupt (Which apparently true from what I saw through Google Translate). As for the time, they'd announced that they'll close the company at March end (I need the confirmation on that). In the end, I just hope that Aokana release could still goes on despite of this complicated matter, which should be possible seeing that we got Suki Suki released by Mangagamer even though Chuuable is going bankrupt.

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