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White Album 2 not starting

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I recently bought White Album 2 and made sure that it was a download version. I got all the way to actually having the game on my computer. So far no worries, but then it just will not open. It directs me, when starting the .exe file, to downloading Soft-Denchi's latest version of "RunTimeProgram" and upon doing so, it still will not start, each time simply reminding me to download the same latest version I have downloaded and run like 12 times. At one point (when I tried running the game as admin I think) I got a message about logging in with my DMM account to get access to the game, but even doing so it still didn't work, and after downloading the game a second time not even that popped up.

TLDR; Bought DMM's download version of White album 2, got message about software missing, downloaded said software, still nothing.


Added image of said message:


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