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(´・ω・`) Hi guys,

Whats up, my names Hata-tan short (Hata) and I play visual novels since 2011. I have not amassed a huge number of titles yet (still < 60) and I'm very interested in Denpa- Moe and Story-driven Action Novels. Also I like chuunige for the amount of fancy and nowhere-else-to-be-seen vocabulary. I'm 22 and live in germany. I'm a student of japanese language and economics in Frankfurt. My hobbies are playing games, writing reviews, reading japanese literature, calligraphy and other stuff. I have the dream to bring visual novels to more people in the west, especially in germany so I've made my own site, but also frequent lots of international communities so I got told to sign up here too. I debuted my fuwanovel-history with a review of Fatal Twelve. Go take a look at it if you like, i like to ramble a lot, so you might want to get used to that.

My favourite character is Hata-tan/Hatate Himekaidou from Touhou~

Social Media: https://twitter.com/ShinsekaiNoHata
Discord: https://discord.gg/gtNRnbe
vndb: https://vndb.org/u147252


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9 hours ago, sanahtlig said:

He forgot to mention that his goal is to literally take over the community with his Discord channel.  Be afraid!

Only the crunchy bits (´・ω・`)
I will also stay active here, having an exchange between community members doesn't sound all too bad to me tho.

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